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May 25, 2017

Last fall, an editor reached out to me on LinkedIn and asked me if I’d be interested in writing a book about journaling, an idea that…had never really crossed my mind! My initial reaction was “Oh, that’s very nice! But…nah” (my reaction to all of the messages I get on LinkedIn, tbh)…but she convinced me to come in for a meeting, and after we talked more about it, I actually got really excited because I realized that I could write the shit out of a journaling book. So a couple of weeks after the election, I signed the contract! They wanted to move really quickly, so I started working on the outline and doing research pretty much immediately, while also working at BuzzFeed basically every day from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day so I could bank a ton of comp time. I took a two-week book leave from BuzzFeed in February, turned in the first draft of the manuscript on February 20th, and then got to work creating all of the original journal layout pages that needed to be photographed (while also working on edits to the manuscript). It was a process, but everything went to print at the end of April, and now we’re gearing up for the July 2017 release!

(To be clear, that is…a pretty uncommon timeline for publishing a book.)

Dot Journaling—A Practical Guide

The book is called Dot Journaling—A Practical Guide: How to Start and Keep the Planner, To-Do List, and Diary That’ll Actually Help You Get Your Life Together, and it’s written for people who are new to journaling and people who are already doing it. It includes ~60 original layouts, answers to common questions, my impassioned manifesto on why keeping a journal/diary is worthwhile, my thoughts on accessories like washi tape and pens (which you know I have very strong feelings about), and a bunch of fascinating tidbits about the history of journals and diaries that help put the current journaling “trend” (it’s not really a trend!!!) in context.

Pre-ordering is very good/helpful, so if you’re so inclined, here are all of the places where you can currently do that:

Barnes & Noble

Exactly zero percent of this feels real. I wrote a BOOK! A book that (I am told!) will soon be on STORES (?!) and LIBRARIES (!!!) on SHELVES and ACTUAL HUMAN PEOPLE will be able to pick it up and then read it. Like…what a thing!!!

20. Witch hunt

May 21, 2017

Art: Drawn by Mary

THIS WEEK WAS WILD. Here’s what I was up to when I wasn’t mashing “refresh” on Twitter at news o’clock every day…


Gird Your Loins: A LuLaRoe x Disney Collaboration Is Happening


Rompers For Dudes Are Here And TBH I Don’t Hate Them

This Gecko Smiling With His Toy Gecko Is The Purest Thing You’ll See Today


My Family’s Slave, The Atlantic.

The Enslaved Woman They Called Lola, The Atlantic. “The sad truth is that he could never fully release her, try as he might. Although my ability to understand the Filipino katulong structure that Tizon describes is clouded by my own cultural and familial context of American slavery, one thing is clear to me about all systems of bondage: emancipation is a process. Enslaved people are not so much set free as they are made free, a long and hard process of reconciliation and reparation that can span years, if not generations, if not centuries. Power, wealth, and labor transferred from one person to another are not so easily reconciled, and most often simply aren’t.”

Why the obituary for Eudocia Tomas Pulido didn’t tell the story of her life in slavery, The Seattle Times. “Obituaries depend on the fundamental honesty of the people who survive to tell the story. Tizon lied to me”

+ this thread and this tweet

Has ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Given Us the Scariest Anti-Feminist Villain Yet?, “This co-option is so pervasive that modern Serena Joys can approach, disconcertingly, from the left as well as the right: She might be a ‘pro-life socialist’ who cautions you not to prioritize ‘social issues’ over ‘economics.’ (They’re the same thing.) She might be Janet Robert of Democrats for Life, claiming that her anti-choice views have caused her to be victimized by the Democratic Party, and trying to rile up your feminist outrage by telling you that ‘abortion activists claim… that women are too weak to succeed without abortion.’ Or, she might just be your female friend who accuses other women of playing ‘identity politics’ when they complain about any of the above. Whenever a woman’s chief political praxis is destroying other women, or elevating herself by aligning with those who aim to roll back women’s progress, Serena Joy is in the room.”

Samuel Sinyangwe’s thread on mass incarceration.

Any Half-Decent Hacker Could Break Into Mar-a-Lago. We Tested It., Gizmodo.

My Mother Wasn’t Trash, This Appalachia Life. “She made choices, some good, and plenty bad, but poor people have fewer options when faced with impending and potentially life-changing decisions. Poor people like Mom are often forced to choose from a small number of shitty options, and most of them try to find the one that is slightly less shitty than the others. When people are eaten up mentally and physically by a lifetime of compounded shitty choices, they reach a point where they can’t even decide what is best anymore, because they realize that no matter what they do – no matter how hard they try – they are cogs in a broken machine and nobody cares about them anyway. Poor Appalachian people are broken, but not nearly as broken as the systems that keep them poor.”

You Must Understand Why You Believe What You Believe — And How You Got There, The Establishment.

Duck Sex and the Patriarchy, The New Yorker.

The 17 Biggest Red Flags From This Season’s Bachelorette Bios, Vulture. WELP.

I’m Sorry To Report That Roger Ailes Ever Lived, Deadspin. “An asshole is not a brilliant visionary just because a toilet has a bottomless appetite for what comes out of it.”

The Personal-Essay Boom Is Over, The New Yorker.

The Dark Decline of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, The Ringer. I’ve never even seen KUWTK, but I really enjoyed this.

Women Are Sharing Their Worst Mansplaining Experiences And It’ll Make You So Annoyed, BuzzFeed.

We Cannot Stand Idly By and Let the RompHim Happen, “The zipper fly, by the way, is the big difference between a romper and a RompHim. That’s what they’re selling here: improved accommodations for a penis. If that isn’t a metaphor for society, I don’t know what is. Bottom line: I am here for male-identified people in rompers. But if you need to change the name to make it not feel weird, I’m going to need you to first hire Tim Robbins to Shawshank you out of that prison of masculinity.”
Unpleasant Thoughts You Had, and the Items You Purchased in Order to Stop Having Them, McSweeney’s. Wowwwww, me.

Your coworkers are very dramatic, Ask a Manager.

21 Tweets For Millennials Who Are Just Tired Of Bullshit, BuzzFeed.

I also read In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect and am now reading Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself—While the Rest of Us Die.


This summer dress, this video, and this COMPLETELY PERFECT Trump/Russia version of “The Room Where it happens.”

The week ahead…

Honestly, just trying to hold on. Also, WATCH THIS SPACE! I intend to have another blog post this week.

19. Hey mama

May 14, 2017

Jim Golden barrettes

Photo: Jim Golden; you can get the puzzle version — and it is a *very* good puzzle — here

This week, everything was kinda bad, but the reading material was pretty great, so let’s get right to it!


10 Intensely Satisfying Photos Of Things Organized By Color


A Definitive Ranking Of The Planets By How Fucking Dramatic They Are

24 Mother-Child Lookalikes That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

21 Pure Tumblr Posts About How Beautiful Women Are

21 Wedding Readings That’ll Make You Want To Marry The Next Person You Lay Eyes On


The Last Person You’d Expect to Die in Childbirth, ProPublica.

The Painful Truth About Teeth, The Washington Post. “As the distance between rich and poor grows in the United States, few consequences are so overlooked as the humiliating divide in dental care. High-end cosmetic dentistry is soaring, and better-off Americans spend well over $1 billion each year just to make their teeth a few shades whiter. Millions of others rely on charity clinics and hospital emergency rooms to treat painful and neglected teeth. Unable to afford expensive root canals and crowns, many simply have them pulled. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans older than 65 do not have a single real tooth left.”

The Autocrat’s Language, NY Review of Books. “Trump’s word-piles fill public space with static. This is like having the air we breathe replaced with carbon monoxide. It is deadly. This space that he is polluting is the space of our shared reality.” Another must-read from Masha Gessen.

Authoritarianism 101: First, fire the FBI director, The Globe and Mail.

Our Lady of Complicity, The Baffler. “It’s true that anyone can be a dead-eyed Instagram husk of a human being frantically photoshopping themselves in the down-hours between soul-crushing corporate drudgery and unpaid emotional labour for some ungrateful lantern-jawed jock if they really want to, but it takes a special type of person to do all that whilst also being a decoy for a global backlash against women’s rights. … The sheer tedium of her prose is part of the horror here: At times, the book reads like the panicked screams of a machine attaining sentience.”

Dwayne Johnson for President!, Caity Weaver for GQ.

How Homeownership Became the Engine of American Inequality, The New York Times Magazine. “And yet we continue to give the most help to those who least need it — affluent homeowners — while providing nothing to most rent-burdened tenants. If this is our design, our social contract, then we should at least own up to it; we should at least stand up and profess, ‘Yes, this is the kind of nation we want.’ Before us, there are two honest choices: We can endorse this inequality-maximizing arrangement, or we can reject it. What we cannot do is look a mother like Diaz in the face and say, ‘We’d love to help you, but we just can’t afford to.’ Because that is, quite simply, a lie.”

Our Friend Hits Women, Captain Awkward. “You say: ‘I have no desire to ostracize Paul.’ How many women would he have to beat up before you & your husband would want to ostracize him?”

From the Handmaids to the Marthas, How Each Handmaid’s Tale Costume Came Together, Vulture.

Feminism Doesn’t Mean Liking Every Stupid Woman You Meet, Harper’s Bazaar.

Pearl Parties Are Taking Over Facebook Live, But Buyer Beware, BuzzFeed.

This is not a crisis, Republicans say as a large spider slowly devours them, The Washington Post. “Okay, the firing of FBI Director James Comey looked bad. And when the president stunned him, pierced him with his fangs, wrapped him in a thick cocoon of impenetrable webbing and left him to hang there for days, that timing was also poor.”

The Republican’s Guide to Presidential Behavior, The New York Times.

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Suppression, Slate.

My husband died of brain cancer in his 30s. Thanks to Obamacare, it didn’t bankrupt us., Nora McInerny (host of my new favorite podcast) on Vox.

What Happened The Night Of Beta Theta Pi’s Bid Acceptance Night, Onward State. This is sick.

Red Pill Boss: All Feminists Want to Be Raped, The Daily Beast. And this man is, in all likelihood, a New Hampshire State Representative.

How African-Americans Disappeared From the Kentucky Derby, Smithsonian Magazine.

The Narrator Of HGTV’s “House Hunters” Is Ready To Step Out From The Shadows, BuzzFeed.

Meeting Mr. Irrelevant: True Stories of Being the NFL Draft’s Last Pick, GQ. This is a fucking delight.

The week ahead…

I have a new hire starting tomorrow and new a new pair of glasses on the way!

18. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

May 7, 2017

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Hello, friends! Here’s what I was up to when I wasn’t pacing with rage over the GOP and the AHCA this week…


So, Teachers Realllllly Hate Those Spinner Fidget Toys

17 Fascinating Facts You Probably Never Knew About Yankee Candles


The Forgotten Story Of The Radium Girls, Whose Deaths Saved Thousands Of Workers’ Lives. This is such an incredible story and I am so proud of how it turned out.


Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria, The Atlantic.

How West Virginia Lost the Workers’ Revolution, Fusion.

The Impossible Question of Public School Uniforms, Racked.

Sold for Parts, ProPublica.

Agent of Fear, BuzzFeed.

To Make Better Decisions, Ask Yourself ‘What,’ Not ‘Why’, Science of Us.

We spent months bracing and preparing for the death of our daughter. But guess what? We weren’t ready., Royce Young on Medium.

Ivanka Trump Wrote a Painfully Oblivious Book for Basically No One, The New Yorker.

Other Books Ivanka Trump Should Consider Writing, McSweeney’s.

I Am a Tinder Guy Holding a Fish and I Will Provide for You, The New Yorker.

18 People Who Were Awkward As Heck But Lived To Tell The Tale, BuzzFeed.

The Awful Pinkness of Period Apps, The Atlantic.

A Visit to the Synthetic Cadaver Factory, Atlas Obscura.

A message to runners everywhere: shutttttt uppppppp, CSN Philly.


This toothpaste, this puzzle (so pretty, and the perfect level of difficult), the “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” podcast (and the Overcast podcast app), and this good dog.

The week ahead…

Just openly weeping over all of the cute prom/graduation/college acceptance stories, as is my wont this time of year. 

17. Praise be

April 30, 2017

This week, I took all of my direct reports on an outing to the American Museum of Natural History (highly recommend, especially the gem exhibit), built this mint green bookcase (which is SO BEAUTIFUL IRL, and also I’m kind of obsessed with how clearly the directions were written), watched the first three episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, and finished a major work project! Here’s what else I was up to…


Bad News, Y’all: Those Trendy Finger Tattoos Don’t Age Well


On The Handmaid’s Tale, Bernie Sanders, And Feminism,

The Handmaid’s Tale: The Hidden Meaning in Those Eerie Costumes, Vanity Fair. Loved reading this. The shade of red is truly perfect. 

Samira Wiley on The Handmaid’s Tale’s relevance and feminism in 2017, Vox.

How The Handmaid’s Tale Became The Scariest Show Of The Year, BuzzFeed.

A Beginner’s Guide to The Handmaid’s Tale Universe, Vulture.

The Radical Feminist Aesthetic Of The Handmaid’s Tale, BuzzFeed.

What Bullets Do to Bodies, Highline.

Political diversity is a cop-out for overpaid media men, The Outline. All. Of. This. 

The Republican Lawmaker Who Secretly Created Reddit’s Women-Hating ‘Red Pill’, The Daily Beast. “When reached for comment by phone, Fisher denied participation in the Red Pill forum, claiming not to know what The Red Pill was. Though he did say he had heard of the men’s rights movement, he said he hadn’t heard of PUA. ‘What is a pickup artist?’ he asked. Within hours of contacting Rep. Fisher, and after delivering by email a summary of his apparent connections to The Red Pill kingpin, his two primary Reddit usernames had been wiped, and four blogs connected to him were deleted or made private.”

Inside the Story of the Systemic Murder of Osage Indians in the ‘20s, MEL Magazine.

A Day in the Life of a Food Vendor, The New York Times.

DaddyOFive and the Dangerous Quest for Fame, Vice. This is so fucked up.

The Movie That Completely Upends The Obsessive Woman Archetype, BuzzFeed. (FYI, the last two paragraphs contain spoilers.)

Nevertheless, He Persisted: Tales of Masculine Perseverance, McSweeney’s.

Heineken’s New ‘Woke’ Ad Might Be As Bad As Pepsi’s, Jezebel. “There’s a difference between people having different opinions and people having morally wrong opinions. … What’s more, the scripted dynamic here puts the burden of understanding on the person whose very humanity is being denied by their partner. For the experiment to be ‘successful,’ for instance, the trans woman is required to ingratiate herself to the bigot, but not the other way around. Don’t get it twisted: This is not a fair game.” 

LuLaRoe is refunding everyone for pants that customers say ‘rip like wet toilet paper’, Business Insider.

5 Ways to Teach Kids About Consent, A Cup of Jo.

I Went to See Matt McGorry Talk About Toxic Masculinity and Left With a Tote Full of Axe Products, Fusion. “When someone asked about his status as a ‘woke bae,’ he informed everyone that white people shouldn’t call each other ‘woke’ because it’s appropriation.”

Why Is Asian Salad Still on the Menu?, New York Times.

Inside the Insane Feud Between a Vegan Strip Club and the Steak House Next Door, Broadly. How is this real life?

Aretha Franklin Resurrects 5-Year-Old Beef With Dionne Warwick Via Fax,

Annnd I read This Is Really Happening (written by my coworker) and it’s SO GOOD…I went from crying to laughing so hard I was choking/crying all within a few chapters. Definitely recommend!

The week ahead…

I know everyone says this, but I honestly can’t believe it’s May! I need to get some new spring clothes.

PS As you think about Mother’s Day gifts, consider making a donation to Brooklyn Bail Fund for National Mama’s Bail Out Day.

16. A winner don’t quit on themselves

April 23, 2017

pink journals

What a week, you guys! We had Tax Day, 4/20, and Earth Day; Venus went direct; Zookeeper Rick from the San Diego Zoo brought some of his animals to BuzzFeed (aka it was the best day of the year); I got through a major deadline and all of the emotional labor that went with it; and Lemonade turned a year old. I also hit a 31-day streak with flossing! Things are really happening.

Here’s what else I got up to…


17 Fascinating Weed Facts That Even Non-Stoners Will Enjoy

19 Gorgeous “She Sheds” That You’ll Want To Retreat To ASAP


The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black, The Stranger. A true mic drop on the topic of Rachel Dolezal.

Will We Abandon Women’s Rights in the Name of Progressive Politics?, NY Mag. “In the midst of one of the most activated, energized, ground-up movements in modern Democratic political history — where the energy is coming from women who remain underrepresented in state and federal legislatures — the Unity Tour, with its two men making pronouncements about what the party should do next, felt exceedingly out of touch. And the dynamic — the women doing the labor of organizing and protesting and campaigning, knocking on doors and making calls and sending postcards, while guys speak from the microphones about the need to compromise on their rights — is depressingly retro.”

SuperBabies Don’t Cry, Vela. “It seemed that, once expectant mothers, women are supposed to become conduits of total safety. I now feel inner peace and serenity. The culture implies that we should become carriers of life that will not experience what life inevitably feels—pain. I will give birth easily, comfortably, and without complications. We are encouraged to avoid all that we can never prevent. I tell my feelings what to feel, and they do, and they feel very calm, confident, and at ease. We try to stop the growing body inside us from having what all bodies inherently have: vulnerability, that crack of a doorway through which our suffering creeps.”

#Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement, The New Yorker.

Before and After: A Buzzfeed Founder’s Renovated Rowhouse, Budget Edition, Remodelista.

Woman Attacked for Running the Boston Marathon in 1967 Is Running It Again, 50 Years Later, Jezebel + Behind The Photo That Changed The Boston Marathon Forever, Deadspin.

Inside The Online Community Of Men Who Preach Removing Condoms Without Consent, The Huffington Post.

The IHOP Years, The New Yorker.

A Woman’s Orgasm Shouldn’t Be The Goal Of Sex, The Establishment. “When fragile masculinity becomes the woman’s burden (and it always does), women find ourselves in the position of constantly propping up the men in our lives — from faking orgasms with our boyfriends to constantly telling our husbands how proud we are of them to making sure our male coworkers don’t feel bossed around (please and smiley face).” This is a not-great headline on an article that I very much agree with.

How to Read a Whole Damn Book Every Week, GQ.

Uber’s C.E.O. Plays With Fire, The New York Times.

I Just Love This Juicero Story So Much, Deadspin.

The Comments on Jillian Harris’ Blog Post About ‘Boss Moms’ Are a Wild, Emotional Ride, Jezebel.

20 Same-Sex Hookup Stories From Straight Guys, BuzzFeed. These men were SO honest, and this was a great, fascinating read.

Entertained by

Planet Earth II, “99% Invisible” episode #255 (about architect Paul Revere Williams — HIGHLY recommend…it’s only 25 minutes and it made me legit emotional), “The Longest Shortest Time” episode #74 (about an OBGYN who performs an abortion, and who had an abortion), this Reddit thread (tinfoil hats on), and this video.

The week ahead…

Just enjoying the shit out of my new pink containers.

15. Rise up

April 16, 2017


Photo: @pitapoteto

Hello and happy Easter to those who love Jesus! It’s a holiday and I’m currently working on a deadline, so it’s gonna be short and sweet this week.


19 Funny Tweets About Doing Chores That Will Make You Say “Wow, Me”


In the Shadow of a Fairy Tale, The New York Times Magazine. This Leslie Jamison piece on becoming a stepmother is an amazing longread.

She was pregnant and broke. She signed up for Uber — and fell into debt., The Washington Post.

It’s Time to Call San Bernardino’s Deadly School Shooting What It Really Was: Domestic Violence, Glamour.

How Stephen Colbert Finally Found His Elusive Groove, The New York Times. This was actually a lot more interesting than I expected it to be.

16 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About The White House Easter Egg Roll, BuzzFeed.

Laundry Is The Worst Thing In The World, Deadspin.

29 Tweets That’ll Make You Laugh Harder Than They Should, BuzzFeed.

Crucified man had prior run-in with authorities, The Washington Post.

What I Have in Common with Trump, The New Yorker.

Employee got her colleagues arrested for smoking pot at a conference and now wants a transfer, Ask a Manager. !!!!!!!!!! (Don’t miss the update here.)

Annnd Tom & Lorenzo’s Big Little Lies style recaps.

The week ahead…

Just the aforementioned deadline!

14. April showers

April 9, 2017

Vaught’s Practical Character Reader

Good evening! Here’s what I was up to besides trying not to drown this week…


The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World’s Face, Fusion.

CNN Had a Problem. Donald Trump Solved It., The New York Times Magazine.

When you wish your baby had never been born, CNN.

Ad-World Insiders on How the Hell That Pepsi Ad Got Made, NY Mag. “This ad was the least relatable piece of communication I’ve ever seen.”

Hysteria, Witches, and The Wandering Uterus: A Brief History, LitHub.

‘I really want him to have a different life.’ How some female inmates are raising babies behind bars, The News Tribune.

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons, The New York Times.

For 18 years, I thought she was stealing my identity. Until I found her, The Guardian.

We Need to Talk About These Goddamn Shirts, Rack.

Employee won’t come back unless her coworker is fired, Ask a Manager.

The Best Part of Dressing Up Is Changing Back Into Sweats., Racked. This is extremely true.

S-Town is a stunning podcast. It probably shouldn’t have been made., Vox. I don’t agree with everything in this article, but this is overall kind of how I’m feeling now that I’ve finished S-Town.

Here’s How I Think the KUWTK Episode About Kendall’s Pepsi Controversy Will Play Out, Jezebel.

In Praise of Big Little Lies’ ‘Ban All Men’ Ending, Vulture.

Big Little Lies Director Jean-Marc Vallée on Why the Finale Gala Was the Toughest Shoot of His Career., Vulture.

Big Little Lies’ Alexander Skarsgård on How He Sees Perry and Why That Finale Scene Was Like a Nature Documentary, Vulture.

Why Are Male Critics So Baffled By ‘Big Little Lies’?, Kveller.

Also, if you loved BLL, give Reese Witherspoon’s speech from the 2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards a read.


All of these clips and clamps, this bear, Resist Bot, and my Costco leggings.

The week ahead…

Gird your loins: Mercury went retrograde today.

13. Cold little heart

April 2, 2017

Credit: Anna Rifle Bond

Photo: Anna Rifle Bond

Hello! Here’s what I was up to this week when I wasn’t working, squawking on Twitter, or watching all of Big Little Lies


31 Things Women Used To Have To Do In Skirts That’ll Make You Say “Nah”

Do You Say “Ope!” When You Nearly Bump Into Someone?

This Dad Built A Rube Goldberg Machine For His Kid’s Gender Reveal


The High Price of Leaving Ultra-Orthodox Life, The New York Times Magazine. This is a great piece; be sure to read all the way to the end.

Unspeakable Realities Block Universal Health Coverage In America, Forbes. “Like most of my neighbors I have a good job in the private sector. Ask my neighbors about the cost of the welfare programs they enjoy and you will be greeted by baffled stares. All that we have is ‘earned’ and we perceive no need for government support. Nevertheless, taxpayers fund our retirement saving, health insurance, primary, secondary, and advanced education, daycare, commuter costs, and even our mortgages at a staggering public cost. Socialism for white people is all-enveloping, benevolent, invisible, and insulated by the nasty, deceptive notion that we have earned our benefits by our own hand.”

The religious reasons Mike Pence won’t eat alone with women don’t add up, The Washington Post. “Can you imagine a professional woman refusing to meet one-on-one with her male colleagues? ‘Sorry, Jack, but we can’t talk alone in this conference room. You might rape me!’ In 80 percent of sexual assaults, the victim knows the assailant, and 8 percent of rapes happen at work, yet I’ve never heard of a woman in the workplace — let alone the church — refusing to meet with a man.”

A Bronx Librarian Keen on Teaching Homeless Children a Lasting Love of Books, The New York Times.

How Schoolyard Drama and Domestic Violence Converge on ‘Big Little Lies’, Flavorwire.

This Is Almost Certainly James Comey’s Twitter Account, Gizmodo.

Pregnant Inmates Say a Federal Jail Is No Place for Them, and Some Judges Agree, The New York Times.

New York Has a Great Subway, if You’re Not in a Wheelchair, The New York Times.

You Will Never, in Your Entire Life, Get the Best of Maxine Waters, ELLE.

Please do not make women into statues, The Outline. I giggled my way through this.

Four Emails White People Send to Black People When Black People Talk or Write About Racism, VSB.

In our Google era, indexers are the unsung heroes of the publishing world, The Guardian.

Inside McMansion Hell, The Hairpin.

When her 5-year-old broke his leg, this mom raised $0. It’s actually inspiring., Upworthy.

And I finished reading Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners!


Ashley Nicole Black and Trayvon Free talking about Maxine Waters, this Samantha Bee segment on untested rape kits, this album, the Done app for making sure I floss and take my allergy meds, and this tweet.

The week ahead…

Listening to the Big Little Lies opening song on repeat, and welcoming my new hire, who starts tomorrow!

12. Pulling out

March 26, 2017

Photo by Matt Crump

I didn’t have much time for reading this week, so I’m a little light on links tonight! Here’s what I got:


6 Incredibly Brave Women Who Took Down Nazis During World War II

Turns Out, Moths Are Hella Cute Up Close

Just 24 Really Funny Tweets About The Health Care Bill Withdrawal


I Loved My Grandmother. But She Was a Nazi., The New York Times. “My grandmother would shrug and answer something like, ‘He said a lot of things — I didn’t listen to all of them.’ Didn’t she see Jews being rounded up and taken away, or at a minimum, harassed by the police? No, she maintained, not in the countryside where she lived. And anyway, she was focused on her own problems, on making ends meet and, once the war began, protecting her children.”

My Boyfriend Weighs Less Than I Do, Ashley Ford on A Cup of Jo.

Just like her mother, Chelsea Clinton never gets a break, LA Times.

Trump Got To Sit In A Big Boy Truck Because Today Was A Special Day!, BuzzFeed.

Art Supply Sales Jumped in January, Thanks to Protest Signs, Report Says, The New York Times.

Former Thinx Employee Accuses Miki Agrawal of Sexual Harassment, NY Mag. This is like 10 times worse than I expected it to be.

Humans Made the Banana Perfect—But Soon, It’ll Be Gone, Wired.

23 Black Female Scientists Who Changed The Damn World, BuzzFeed.

The Friend Zone Isn’t a Thing and Women Don’t Owe You Shit, Vice. “‘Friend zone’ shames women for exercising their right to say no, just as ‘slut’ shames women for exercising their right to say yes (and ‘bitch’ attacks women for their right to call you out on your horseshit).”

7 Random Facts You’ll Want To Tell Everyone You Know ASAP, BuzzFeed.

Jenny Slate Talks About Her Breakup With Chris Evans, Vulture.

In Praise of an Aggressively Unfashionable Shoe, The New York Times Style Magazine.

Setting the Table, Edible Philly.

100 Memes For Everyone Who’s Soulless, Single, Poor, Petty, Extra, Thirsty, And Dramatic But Has A Gr8 Personality, BuzzFeed.

27 Hilarious Tweets About the Diva Cup That Will Make You Laugh and Cringe, BuzzFeed.

Plan Out A Saturday And We’ll Guess Your Age, BuzzFeed. This is art.

Woman Spends Five Years Grooming Boyfriend to be Great Husband to Lisa, Reductress. Too damn real. 


This extremely accurate comparison, this artist’s cartoons, this video, and this perfect gif.

The week ahead…

I’m already over it.

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