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06. Nevertheless, she persisted

February 12, 2017

Since the inauguration, I’ve had to pretty dramatically change my media diet. Once I’m at work, I don’t check/read any news until after 4:00; if I get sucked in in the middle of the day, things will go completely off the rails and I won’t get any work done. I’ve also started documenting each day’s fresh horrors in my bullet journal.

Here are some other things that happened this week…


The 13 Most “Um, EXCUSE ME?!” Moments From Last Night’s “The Bachelor”

5 Creative Ways To Hang Out With Your Grown-Up Friend Group

ICYMI: Blush things I recently bought and liked

Also, I wrote a review of Amtrak’s AMAZING Red Cap Service here.


When Things Go Missing, The New Yorker. This is one of the best things I have read in a long time.

Linguists have been discussing “Shit Gibbon.” I argue it’s not entirely about gibbons., Language Jones. This is a goddamn delight.

Meltdown of the Phantom Snowflakes, The Baffler. This is excellent.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift is a Knife, Alison Freer.

How to stop an autocracy, Vox. “In amassing power and breaking troublesome norms, Trump will be doing what the Founders expected. But in letting any president do that, Congress will be violating the role they were built to play. We need to stop talking so much about what Trump will do and begin speaking in terms of what Congress lets him do.”

Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump, Baltimore Sun.

Why you might feel like it’s been years since the inauguration, The Verge.

Click Here to Kill Everyone: Security and the Internet of Things, New York Magazine.

10 Words for ‘Snow’, Merriam-Webster.

Jackie Rayos-Garcia Tells About the Deportation of Her Mother, Guadalupe García de Rayos, Teen Vogue.

Trump 101: he is definitely not a health nut, Axios. “The only workout Trump gets is an occasional round of golf. Even then, he mostly travels by cart. On the campaign trail he viewed his rallies as his form of exercise.”

The Case Against Contemporary Feminism, The New Yorker.

‘I thought I was smarter than almost everybody’: my double life as a KGB agent, The Guardian.

Can Megyn Kelly Escape Her Past?, The Atlantic.

I Write Letters, Shakesville. “And now there are people—many of whom are self-identified Bernie Sanders supporters who voted for Stein in those aforementioned key states, or who voted for Trump, or who didn’t vote at all—who are demanding to know why Hillary Clinton isn’t ‘doing something’ to stop Donald Trump and his authoritarian onslaught. She did do something, you ungrateful wrecks. She campaigned for 18 months, the last of them against Trump himself, day after exhausting day, keeping up a ruthless schedule that would drive most people half her age to collapse after three weeks, no less a year and a half. She gave up time with her family, her grandchildren; gave up anything resembling free time; gave up her privacy. She made countless sacrifices on behalf of this country in order to prevent this exact outcome. You took a hard pass, and now you have the unmitigated temerity to want more from her? Fuck you.”

Related: Where is Hillary Clinton? Hopefully Taking ALL the Naps She Deserves!, Awesomely Luvvie.

Hey J. Crew, Why Don’t You Want My Plus-Sized Money?, Racked. Dallas wrote this and it’s SO GOOD!

And I read There Is No Good Card For This, which I can confidently say you will love.


The New Yorker’s copy editor earnestly trying to edit 45’s remarks, Maxine Waters here and here, everything that makes 45 say “bing”, and the black Bachelor.

The week ahead…

Um, waiting to shed my skin like a snake, as it’s now been a full week since I did Baby Foot!!!

05. I’m with the banned

February 5, 2017

Art: Libby VanderPloeg

Hey, y’all! Here’s what I got up to this week…


14 Of The Most WTF Things That Happened On “The Bachelor” Last Night

Here’s How A Jewish Woman’s Poem Redefined The Statue Of Liberty


How to Follow All This Donald Trump News Without Going Crazy, New York Magazine.

How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind, Mirah Curzer on Medium.

Liberals On the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown, Politico.

How to Build an Autocracy, The Atlantic.

Inside the Trial of Dylann Roof, The New Yorker. This is an important piece, and you should read it all the way to the end. That said…plan to take a walk afterward, or at least look at videos of puppies and kittens. I read it on my way to work on Wednesday and after crying for 20 minutes, it was sort of hard to bounce back and have a normal day.

No Time To Be Nice: Now Is Not The Moment To Remain Silent, WBUR. “Nice people made the best Nazis. Or so I have been told. My mother was born in Munich in 1934, and spent her childhood in Nazi Germany surrounded by nice people who refused to make waves. When things got ugly, the people my mother lived alongside chose not to focus on ‘politics,’ instead busying themselves with happier things. They were lovely, kind people who turned their heads as their neighbors were dragged away.”

Mosque shooting victims: Six men who sought better lives in Quebec, The Globe and Mail.

It’s a More Complicated Choice Than Uber Vs. Lyft, Jezebel.

New Law Lets Dads Veto Abortions, The Daily Beast. “Arkansas Act 45, signed by Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson last Thursday, bans dilation and evacuation abortions, the most common abortion procedure during the second trimester of pregnancy. Rushed from filing to law in less than two months, the legislation effectively blocks abortions after 14 weeks by making the safest procedure a felony. The earliest current abortion bans block the procedure after 20 weeks. With no exception for rape or incest, and a clause that allows a woman’s spouse or parent to sue an abortion provider, the law potentially allows the fetus’s father to sue even in cases of spousal rape or incest, abortion rights activists say. The law could go into effect as early as spring.”

LEAKED: The White House’s Black History Month Program Of Events, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on Medium.

Frederick Douglass Opens Twitter Account from Beyond the Grave to Troll President Trump, One Hot Mess.

The Most American Thing, The New Yorker. “I have felt patriotic again in the days since Donald Trump’s Inauguration, in those moments when millions of Americans have exposed their civic conscience and gone to protest in the streets. The overwhelming aura in these demonstrations is one of love, the kind that really matters—the kind that can see something appalling and refuse to turn away. Since Trump issued his shockingly cruel executive order on Friday, forbidding entry into the United States to refugees from anywhere in the world and immigrants from a set of majority Muslim countries, the rhetoric that has abounded in clogged airports and public spaces all over the country has been the rhetoric of solidarity and inclusion, of not wanting to repeat history’s mistakes.”

23 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About The National Parks, BuzzFeed.

What it’s like to work for the National Park Service right now, Curbed.

Donald Trump has treated women like sex holes, trophies or trash. Now we’re fighting back, The Guardian.

Texas Without Syrian and Lebanese Refugees Would Not Be Texas, Texas Monthly.

The cult of the paranoid Medium post, The Washington Post.

Donald Trump Through a Loudspeaker, Darkly, The New Yorker.

How Putin Played the Far Left, The Daily Beast.

Letter of Recommendation: Hot-Water Bottles, The New York Times Magazine. I mean, sold.

19 books to help children find hope and strength in stressful times: A librarian’s list, The Washington Post.

A Thorough Analysis of Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Photo Shoot Looks, ELLE.com. “These photos have taken over my entire life. I used to spend eight hours a day trying to get my elected representatives on the phone so I could read them passages from The Hunger Games but all that is canceled. My resistance has become Bey-sistance. I’m literally going to spend the rest of the week faxing my senator photos of a pregnant diva with the note, ‘These twins say no to DeVos. Also, OMG TWINS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?'”

Pilgrims Without Internet, The Rumpus. “I enjoy my member so much. I know adultery is a sin, but I long to share my member or at least its representation with more and more women every day. This is not a holy thought, yet I think it daily. Goodman Daniels could paint me in the nude, and then I could find means to share the painting with all the women I find comely in the village. No doubt some would make their way to me to savor its prowess in person. A perfect plan but frustratingly beyond reach.”

Three gems from the NYT’s wedding announcement retrospective: The Roosevelts’ Wedding Announcement, Annotated; She Received 65 Proposals, but Never Married; and A Couple Used to Breaking the Color Line.

Winona Ryder Made These 22 Faces During A Speech At The SAG Awards, BuzzFeed. I could not stop laughing when I was reading this.

Actual lone wolves issue rare joint statement: “Stop comparing us to white terrorists”, CBC.

33 Political Tweets That’ll Make You Laugh Despite *Gestures At Everything*, BuzzFeed.

During My Campaign I Promised to Be a Spineless Colluder, and Boy Have I Ever Followed Through On That, McSweeney’s. “This past week, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, people said we would never again let something like that happen. Of course, I agree. Never again — unless opposing racist measures would require an ounce of effort and political capital. We must never forget the suffering of those millions murdered, unless it’s a different group, in which case: fuck ’em. These are the lessons our Nazi-fighting ancestors passed down to us so we could decry the punching of Nazis.”

I Work from Home, The New Yorker. This is perfect.

And, finally: Would your astrological sign punch a Nazi?


Make someone a freezer care package, pay a student’s lunch debt, send extra blank cards/stationery to Miriam’s Kitchen, and easily find out what the fuck just happened today.

The week ahead…

Doing yoga regularly (I started tonight), plus other healthy things. It’s…time.

04. Doubleplusungood

January 29, 2017

Art by Mary Purdie; buy a digital download here for $10 — all proceeds from purchases through Jan. 29, 2017 go to the ACLU

On Monday, aboard a seriously delayed train from D.C. to NYC, I started reading 1984. I bought it like five years ago — Eric is a fan, so I thought I’d give it a read — but I just never got around to reading it. I actually put it at the top of my to-read list a couple months ago for some research unrelated to the current political climate, and then after the inauguration it started to feel like it might be a good time to read it? Uh, turns out, it was a terrible time to start reading 1984. Like, JFC. Going between this book and Sean Spicer’s press briefing and Kellyanne’s “alternative facts” was…grim.

Here’s what else I got up to in this utterly surreal week…


Everything You Need To Know About The Leggings Taking Over Your Facebook

15 Women Tried LuLaRoe’s Leggings So You Don’t Have To


The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence, Rolling Stone. You’re probably going to want a drink before you read this one.

Trump’s Lies vs. Your Brain, Politico.

This Is What It’s Like to Come to the United States as a Refugee, The Atlantic.

I Was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School, Awaiting Someone Like Mike Pence as a Messiah, Autostraddle.

Donald Trump Can Absolutely Walk Up and Down the Stairs Like a Big Boy, Jezebel. *Italian chef kissing fingers gesture*

Warm Welcome for Syrians in a Country About to Ban Them, The New York Times.

Trump Aides Keep Leaking Embarrassing Stories About How He Can’t Handle Embarrassment., New York Magazine.

Anne Frank Today Is a Syrian Girl, The New York Times.

Protest Works, Slate.

Maybe Trump isn’t ‘lying’ and In Trump’s mind, it’s always ‘really sunny.’ And that’s terrifying., The Washington Post.

Send the interns, PressThink.

The Three Very Symbolic Things People Carried To The Women’s March, BuzzFeed.

Malnutrition Wiping Out Children in Northern Nigeria, Aid Workers Say, The New York Times.

‘Make America big again’? The headache of translating Trump into foreign languages., The Washington Post.

Woman Who Caused Emmett Till’s Death Admits to Lying, The Root. Oh. (Related.)

Megyn Kelly, the Glittering Aberration, The New Yorker.

The Girl Who Pushed Tyra Banks (And The Internet) Over The Edge, BuzzFeed.

The Temporary Miracle, The New York Times. *cry warning*

Gavin Polone on ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Outcry, What Really Happened and Who’s to Blame, The Hollywood Reporter.

Merriam-Webster has become the sassiest Twitter account of the Trump era. Meet its author., Vox.

Celebrity Feminism Has No Place in Trump’s America, Cosmopolitan.com.

Norway wants to give Finland a mountain for its birthday in ‘unprecedented show of kindness between countries’, The Independent.

When Ida B. Wells Married, It Was a Page One Story, The New York Times. “A sharp-tongued career woman uninterested in being tied down, Ms. Wells had many suitors before meeting her match in Mr. Barnett, a lawyer, ‘a race man’ and a fellow feminist. Still, once she agreed to marry, she postponed the wedding three times in order to keep up with her rigorous antilynching speaking schedule.”

The Kellyanne Diaries, The Hairpin. “‘Self care’ was a phrase she only ever heard the enemy use, so she hated it on principle. But recently, after these 22-hour screaming matches with Anderson on CNN and berating single mothers on public transportation, Kellyanne yearned to take care of herself. All beauty funds in the campaign were allotted to either the diesel fuel that ran Ivanka’s wind machine or the small-batch bleach for Pence’s asshole. Kellyanne decided to treat herself to a makeover. Nothing fancy, but she was going to give herself a pedicure.”

You Would Do The Same Thing If An Old Witch Had Your Father’s Soul Trapped In A Lantern, The Onion.

19 Sean Spicer Tweets That Will Really Make You Think, BuzzFeed.

What, Exactly, Is a Dog’s Purpose?, GQ. Ah, it feels good to laugh again.

And some good twitter threads: this great story, Sandra Schwab on how it starts, Sean Spencer is a spineless fuckin’ Dippin Dot, and some important questions for the Nice Liberal Nazi Defense Club. Oh, and this tweet.

The week ahead…

Doing something. But not everything.

03. Size matters

January 22, 2017

Text in the photo of my journal is from Masha Gessen’s Autocracy: Rules for Survival

So, you may have heard that we got a new President this week, and also that a few of us took to the streets on Saturday to express our displeasure. Millions of people marched all over the world, including in small cities and tiny — red — towns as well. This is what we were marching for.

The inauguration was surreal; every time the band played cheery music, I felt like I was watching a horror movie, and at one point a chill literally went down my spine. The speech was awful and dark, but of course it was. The crowds were relatively small, but of course they were. I genuinely liked Melania’s dystopian Hunger Games Kate Middleton costume, and I thought that Hillary looked magnificent and I hope she was on so many drugs, but she probably wasn’t because she’s a pro. I appreciated that Bill took her arm and not the other way around.

On Saturday morning, we were walking to the train when a car pulled up. “You all going to the Metro? Get in, I’ll drive you.” We got in. The driver was 70-year-old black woman, who told us that she was at the original March on Washington. She said she was too old to march today but still wanted to support, hence the ride. It was humbling, a nice start to the day.

We spent a lot of time before the march taking in the glorious signs and the glorious crowds. We stood in the holding pen area for a while as it filled with people, and then 1:15 came and went, and then 1:30. Then we learned that there were actually too many of us to match on the the planned route, so we took to the surrounding streets (which were already closed/empty) instead. After two hours of standing, it felt good to move, and to yell. We held our signs high and chanted “What do we want? Equality. When do we want it? NOW” and “Black Lives Matter” and “We want a leader, not a creepy tweeter,” and, in one of my favorite moments, stood outside Trump’s newest hotel in DC and shouted “Shame! Shame! Shame!” over and over again. There were so many people in the streets — truly, it was stunning to get up a small hill at point and then look back and take in the thick wave of people as far as the eye could see (and this was only on ONE street) — and also the weather was bearable and I somehow got through the entire day without having to pee once.

A couple of weeks ago, the Washington Post published an extremely bad take entitled “The Women’s March needs passion and purpose, not pink pussycat hats.” I thought it was incredibly stupid at the time, but after being there on Saturday, I felt even angrier about it. Symbols matter. Women’s art matters. To see thousands of people — men, women, and children, of all ages and races and ability levels (and, presumably, orientations and gender identities) — wearing the same hat throughout the city all weekend was powerful. I was genuinely surprised by how many people were wearing them everywhere I went. And the fact that the hats were handmade, one by one, in the grand female tradition of sewing/knitting circles — the fact that thousands of people, across the country, took the time to knit these hats for themselves and their friends and their daughters and for perfect strangers so that a group of people could clearly say who they were and what they stand for (and what they stand against) — made them beautiful. It was a lovely antidote to those fucking red baseball caps (which give me so much anxiety), and a powerful reminder that people who shit on traditionally female art forms need to have a seat. (Also: I never was able to actually get a hat!!! My biggest regret from this weekend, actually.)

A lot of people have been saying that marches and protests have no place in this day and age and no longer matter; obviously, criticism and accountability is fine/valid/necessary, and the reminders that this is only the beginning are important, but I think it’s worth pointing out that, among other reasons, this march mattered because of who this president is. Do I think someone like Mike Pence gives a fuck about more than two million Americans protesting his Handmaid’s Tale views on women? Of he doesn’t. But Trump, who desperately wants to be popular and liked, who cares so little for facts and science and norms and reason but so much about ratings and numbers? Who took such pride in the “size” of his crowds during the campaign? I think that masses of people in the streets was actually the perfect way to get under his skin. He has already set the standard that crowd size matters. And with the world watching, we made him look undeniably small.

Here’s what else I got up to this week…


The Complicated, Controversial, Historic, Inspiring Women’s March, NY Mag. “‘From the beginning the only question the media wanted to ask us was whether we had a permit,’ said Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian-American Muslim activist who is one of the four national co-chairs. It was almost funny, the fetishization of the question of whether thousands of angry women literally had permission to show up and protest. Sarsour felt it was indicative of a basic distrust of women as serious activists and organizers. ‘Logistics became the main focus,’ she said. ‘As if women were not sophisticated enough to know how to obtain permits. I was like, Can someone ask me about my principles and values?‘”

The Radical Possibility of the Women’s March and The Somehow Controversial Women’s March on Washington, The New Yorker.

A March Can Change Your Life, NY Mag. I actually attended the March for Women’s Lives in DC when I was a wee lass — yes me, Rachel, a country mouse from an area with loads of economic anxiety boarded a bus in Flint, Michigan and took it all the way to Washington, D.C., where the liberal coastal elites lived, because even in the year two-thousand-fucking-four and at the age of 18, I somehow understood that there was a world beyond my economically depressed, white, Catholic bubble and also that women should have the right to control our fucking bodies and oh my god I just remembered how much I hate this condescending fucking election narrative and now I’m angry again.

Here Are All The Best Signs From Women’s Marches Across America, BuzzFeed.

Eve L. Ewing’s inaugural poetry, The Rumpus. “with all the mean they learned from you.” (h/t SMI)

Not My President, Not Now, Not Ever, The New York Times. “Mr. Trump isn’t my president. I don’t mean it emotionally; I mean it literally. It’s not sloganeering; it’s observable truth. Mr. Trump has no intention of representing me, my family, the people I care about, or the majority of Americans, from the imperiled to the comfortable. It is a stretch to call him anyone’s president but his own.”

Without a path from protest to power, the Women’s March will end up like Occupy, The Guardian.

Trump’s Speech Gave Us America the Ugly. Don’t Let It Become Prophesy., NY Mag.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Will Read You Now, ELLE.com.

‘He Has This Deep Fear That He Is Not a Legitimate President’, Politico.

How Jokes Won the Election, The New Yorker.

Ben Carson’s Nomination is an Offense to America, TIME. “So—would we accept a celebrity chef in charge of the Pentagon? What we would all say in unison if President-elect Trump dared to make such a nomination is this: No. Our men and women in uniform deserve nothing less than the most qualified leader. And they do. As do the millions of men and women who benefit from a smart, effective HUD. And by accepting the appointment of Dr. Carson, we implicitly tell them: Be okay with run-down neighborhoods and towns. If you were denied a lease because of your skin color, be okay with it. And if you aspire to find a quality, affordable place to call home, please contact the Housing Secretary who knows nothing about housing.”

Republican Lawmakers in Five States Propose Bills to Criminalize Peaceful Protest, The Intercept.

This, on Sean Spicer’s lies.

Our kids may never get the chance to know America, The Correspondent. “We are living in a rupture, and we might not make it back.”

What Happened When I Cut the PEOTUS Out of My Life, ELLE.com.

The Nihilistic Purity of the Far Left Will Kill Us All, Sammy Leonard on Medium. “These grandiose motherfuckers LOVE to do nothing but shit on Democrats who aren’t 100% perfect progressives when they’re in office — which is pretty much everybody — and love to go on and on about how “both sides are the same” and how ‘we’re fucked either way’. And when a right-wing extremist that would inflict pain and suffering to the most marginalized populations inevitably comes to power, suddenly they want to either complain about how fucked we are, revel in the prospect of the ‘revolution’ that will finally be at hand, or try to wash their hands of their complicity and say ‘don’t blame me, I voted for (fringe minor party candidate)’ and use it to advocate the ‘necessity’ of a third party.”

Security Tips Every Signal User Should Know, The Intercept. (Related: Worried About the Privacy of Your Messages? Download Signal.)

Slutty-Cozy Is the Perfect Aesthetic, Racked. I relate to this deeply.

Here’s What ‘The Bachelor’ Stars Really Eat While Filming, Delish.

What is keeping bears out of our schools?, The Washington Post. “Fish are always in schools. All mammals are in a class. What is keeping bears out? I can understand why bears do not attend college: SAT tutoring is out of their price ranges. But I don’t understand what is deterring them from putting in an appearance at our nation’s many exceptional institutions of primary education.”



Republican Men Say It’s a Better Time to Be a Woman Than a Man, The New York Times. “‘It’s easier being a woman today than it is a man,’ he said in an interview. ‘The white man is a low person on the totem pole. Everybody else is above the white man.'” 1. GFY, and 2. Stop saying “totem pole.”

Why Obamacare enrollees voted for Donald Trump, Vox.

All the reasons you could be denied insurance coverage before the ACA.

Who Trump voters apparently think Donald Trump is.


These women singing and the many faces of Maxine Waters. “Fuck him up, Elsie.” Samantha Bee on Kellyanne Conway (this entire episode was great), this lolsob Twitter thread (be sure to read the responses), Nick Offerman in a pink pussy hat, and a reminder not to toss your Metro cards. This tweet and this one. Obama on the origin of his “Fired up, ready to go!” chant. And this perfect poem.

The week ahead…

Wondering why it’s so goddamn hard for the national news media to not do shit like this and this.

02. Trash talk

January 15, 2017

This week, the President-Elect of the United States called my place of employment a “failing pile of garbage” which is…a first. Here’s what else I got up to!


“The Bachelor” Episode 2: Hold My Boobs

There’s A Sexy Spider-Man Boudoir Shoot And Holy Crap, I’m Blushing


Inside Putin’s Information War, Politico.

Warning: Abortion’s Deadly DIY Past Could Soon Become Its Future, NY Mag. And OH LOOK AT THAT: A National Version of the ‘Heartbeat Bill’ Was Just Introduced in the U.S. House.

Craven Reporters Scold BuzzFeed For Reporting News, Deadspin.

Jared Kushner’s Rise to Unimaginable Power, NY Mag.

Neanderthals Were People, Too, The New York Times Magazine.

How Albert Woodfox Survived Solitary, The New Yorker.

What the Investigation Into the Chicago Police Department Found, The Atlantic.

4Chan Claim About Inventing Trump Pissgate Report Is Complete Bullshit, Gizmodo.

About that Explosive Trump Story: Take a Deep Breath, Lawfare.

For the Forgotten African-American Dead, The New York Times.

Putin: The Rule of the Family, New York Review of Books.

Clare Hollingworth, reporter who broke news about start of World War II, dies at 105, The Washington Post.

Domestic violence accounted for nearly one-third of Utah homicides in 2016, The Salt Lake Tribune.

21 Little Everyday Changes To Make Your 2017 Even Better, BuzzFeed.

The Life-Changing Magic of Decluttering in a Post-Apocalyptic World, The New Yorker. It’s like this was made specifically for me.


Good Girls Revolt, Hidden Figures, this tweet, Seth Meyers interviewing Kellyanne Conway, Obama and Luther’s Farewell Address, and Ta-Nehisi Coates, Rebecca Traister, Chris Hayes, and Sherrilyn Ifill talking about politics. (Seriously, I loved every second of this hour-long segment. It’s great.)

The week ahead…

It’s gonna be a doozy. I’ll be in D.C.!

01. New year, who dis?

January 8, 2017

Death to the Stock Photo

Hello and welcome to 2017, the year I’ve resolved to give this post a unique title each week. Let’s get right to it — because I haven’t done my standard round-up in two weeks, this one’s kind of a long one!


21 Mesmerizing Winter Gifs That’ll Make You Feel Warm Inside

Screw It, Let’s Watch A Hot Knife Slice Through Some Inanimate Objects

24 Minimalist Bullet Journal Layouts That’ll Get You Hard

8 Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Learn Calligraphy And Hand-Lettering

15 Gifs That Are Basically Porn For People Who Love Paint

15 Products That’ll Make You Actually Look Forward To Second Semester

8 Creative Hobbies To Take Up In 2017

“The Bachelor” Season 21, Episode 1: Dolphinately Here For The Right Reasons

23 Moments That Basically Every Bridesmaid Has Experienced

17 Leftovers You’re Probably Eating Wrong

19 Products To Help You Take Your Bullet Journal To The Next Level


The Worst Year Ever, Until Next Year, The New Yorker. “This year is not the worst ever. What hurts so badly right now, I think, is this sense of unexpected retrenchment—the fear that decades of incremental progress will be rapidly eradicated by an empty-headed demagogue who appears to be doing everything on a whim. Perhaps 2016 feels so terrible partly because so many of us felt like we’d come so far.”

Dressing the Women in Blue, Racked. I find it so weird that I’ve never seen any “Blue Lives Matter” folks demanding that all female officers get uniforms and bulletproof vests that are actually made to fit their bodies. HUH SO WEIRD. 

100 Tweets That Made Women Piss Themselves With Laughter In 2016, BuzzFeed. God, these are all so good.

Inside Ivanka and Tiffany Trump’s Complicated Sister Act, Vanity Fair.

Another, more beautiful America is rising. Trump will be resisted, The Guardian.

The Man Who Cleans Up After Plane Crashes, GQ. This story is intense but really, really good.

The Year in Unsolicited Advice, Hazlitt. “Moisturize your body heavily and don’t look at the Instagram accounts of people you don’t like. That’s basically all you can do.”

The Year in Plagues, Hazlitt.

Inside The Million-Dollar Get-Rich Doula Clique, BuzzFeed. 

What if a President Loses Control?, The New Yorker.


David Fahrenthold tells the behind-the-scenes story of his year covering Trump, The Washington Post.

Trump national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized multiple sources in 2012 book, CNN.

I’ve left Twitter. It is unusable for anyone but trolls, robots and dictators, Lindy West for The Guardian. “I’m pretty sure ‘ushered in kleptocracy’ would be a dealbreaker for any other company that wanted my business. If my gynaecologist regularly hosted neo-Nazi rallies in the exam room, I would find someone else to swab my cervix. If I found out my favourite coffee shop was even remotely complicit in the third world war, I would — bare minimum — switch coffee shops; I might give up coffee altogether.”

Tacky, Midnight Breakfast. “‘Tacky,’ is, of course, a signal that you are losing the race, a way of policing people—and particularly women—by letting them know that they are decidedly outside the bounds. The rules are invisible and unspoken, and you have broken one. Tackiness is a reminder of an ambient atmosphere of judgment: the unseen eyes flinching at the sight of you, the quiet, barely perceived tut-tutting.”

Loved ones of people killed in 2016 carry more than 750 crosses down Magnificent Mile, Chicago Tribune.

Becoming Ugly, Jezebel. “We’ve been told time and time again that prettiness and likability will protect us from harm, that to be good women, we must play by these rules, but this is a lie. Nothing will protect us except for ourselves—and what’s more fortifying than a defensive exterior? There are days when all I want is to become a human road sign, a blinking hazard to any man misfortunate enough to cross my path: ‘I WANT TO OFFEND YOUR SIGHT. I WANT TO OFFEND YOUR EVERYTHING.'”

A slave mother’s love in 56 carefully stitched words, KUOW.

A Guide to Hatchimals, The New Yorker.

The Teen’s Guide to the Trump Presidency, The New York Times.

‘Eat a Bag of Dicks’: An Origin Story, MEL Magazine. “They say necessity is the mother of invention; at some point, it’s obvious that we as a society simply realized that telling someone to suck or eat one dick was no longer an adequate insult. We needed to go bigger. To solve the problem, we did some simple math: If instructing someone to suck or eat one dick was a solid sick burn, then surely sucking or eating several dicks, presumably all at once, was even sicker. Problem was, dicks don’t bundle themselves, and a phrase was born.”

We Rewatched The First Season Of “The Bachelor,” And Holy Shit, You Guys, BuzzFeed.

The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2016, BuzzFeed. You will not regret clicking on this.

Marion Pritchard, Dutch rescuer of Jewish children during the Holocaust, dies at 96, The Washington Post.

The story of a courageous WWII hero who saved 2,500 lives, Mackenzi Lee on Twitter.

Patagonia Catalogue Copy Revised to Better Reflect My Lifestyle, McSweeney’s.

Charged a Fee for Getting Arrested, Whether Guilty or Not, The New York Times. Ugggghhhhhhh.

A Friendship for a More Tolerant America, The New Yorker.

To Understand Pizzagate, It Helps to Understand Cults, NY Mag.

If You’re in the Fight, Get Ready to Do the Work, Dame Magazine.

Debbie Reynolds’ Legendary Gossip Game, BuzzFeed.

True Story: I’m 36 + I Live With My Sisters, Yes and Yes.

All the Buzzy, Prestige Dramas Guys Won’t Shut Up About Are Just Manifestations of the Male Id, Glamour. “The same way that a snob might peer down their nose at the diner who orders the wrong wine and the athlete brushes off the imp who can’t lift, the cool guy is taken aback, aghast, personally offended as he asks, ‘What do you mean you aren’t watching [show]?’ It only furthers my resolve to stay away from [show] forever. Besides which, so often, the hype is unmerited. Ahem, True Detective.” 

33 Things That Were Originally Called Something Completely Different, BuzzFeed. This is WILD!

Letter of Recommendation: Grandma’s Teenage Diaries, The New York Times. This is delightful.

100 Tweets That Prove Black Twitter Was The Real MVP Of 2016, BuzzFeed. I laughed out loud multiple times.

Hipsters Broke My Gaydar, The New York Times.

21 Tumblr Jokes About Boyfriends To Make You Laugh, BuzzFeed. 


This illustrator, Chargaux (seriously, have been listening to them all weekend), these teens’ dance moves, 3% on Netflix (inspired by this post), this incredible butchering of a simple phrase, this tweet and this one, A 2016 Retrospect As Depicted With Wigs, and the NEWS TO ME that you get six months free of The Washington Post with Amazon Prime and then it’s just $4/month after that!

The week ahead…

Same old thing: work, hanging out, journaling, wearing two pairs of socks and still not being able to feel my toes, etc.

The week in review

December 18, 2016

When I wasn’t freezing my ass off or getting supremely intoxicated at the BuzzFeed holiday party, here’s what I was up to this week…


Notes from the Resistance: A Column on Language and Power, LitHub.

On Optimism and Despair, The New York Review of Books.

Seth Meyers Is Going to Tell You the Truth, One Trump Joke at a Time, Vulture. Love him and highly recommend his “Closer Look” segments — I watch them in the morning when I’m getting ready.

The Year in Giving Up, The Year in Blame, and The Year in Avatars, Hazlitt.

The Key To Trump Is Reading Him Like A Celebrity, BuzzFeed.

Ivanka Trump Will Not Fix “Women’s Issues”—She Will Distract From Them, ELLE.com. “Patriarchy has always had room for the Exceptional Woman—the one woman smart enough, sweet enough, strong enough, soft enough, pure enough, sexy enough to satisfy all of our culture’s contradictory demands on women, and thus make it to the top of a sexist system on merit alone. Patriarchy needs that woman. She provides men with an excuse to blame women for their own pain and struggles while simultaneously assuring women that sexism only needs to be outwitted to be overcome. She tells us that the system is survivable for women—you simply have to be the right kind of woman.”

Remember the ‘Thucydides Trap’? The Chinese Do; Trump Clearly Does Not, The Atlantic.

‘I Feel Like a Fraud’: Confessions of a Broken-Down Domestic Violence Lawyer, Broadly.

We should be kind to America’s First Victim — Melania Trump, NewStatesman. I don’t agree with everything in this article — I don’t think people need to be kind so much as be mindful — but how we talk about white women living in a patriarchy has been on my mind a ton lately, so I found this interesting and relevant.

The True Story Behind All Those Fake Articles About Celebrities Moving To Small Towns And Cities, BuzzFeed.

The Politics of Self-Obsession, The Ringer.

How the World Closed Its Eyes to Syria’s Horror, The New York Times.

My President Was Black, The Atlantic.

Leonardo DiCaprio meets with Donald and Ivanka Trump to discuss green jobs which leads back to Wendi Deng, Lainey Gossip.

The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S., The New York Times.

Trump Grill Could Be the Worst Restaurant in America, Vanity Fair. My god, this is a thing of beauty.

North Carolina governor signs laws restricting successor’s power, Politico.

Good twitter threads: Anand Giridharadas on tech giants meeting with Trump, what Aleppo looked like before it was bombed, a whip made just for white women in the antebellum South, avoiding becoming “internal emigres” under authoritarianism, on Trevor Noah and the Overton Window, a few good ways to humble your man, and an excellent wait to shut down dudes who complain that POC would not exist in medieval-themed video games.

We Found The Creator Of The Sad Kermit Meme And She’s Got A Vault Of Kermit Memes, BuzzFeed.

This 90-Year-Old Lady Seduced and Killed Nazis as a Teenager, Vice.

The Last Unknown Man, New Republic.

‘Jackie’ The Scammer, MTV.

REVIEW: Passengers Soils Its Escapism With Repulsive Reveal, CBR.

The Unwilling Model Faces of White Supremacy, Racked.

How to Deal with Static, Coveteur.

Here’s the Most Effective Way to Say No to Things You Don’t Want to Do, New York Magazine.

Collateral Beauty Is a Misguided Astonishment of Hollywood Therapy, LA Weekly. (Watch the trailer before reading.)

4 Christmas Dresses That Say, ‘I’ve Never Had a Dick in My Mouth’, Reductress.

An Imagined Date Between Two Straight Men, The New Yorker.

I Don’t Read The News Anymore, And It’s Great, The Awl. This actually made me laugh through my tears for a few seconds heartbreaking video from Aleppo.

19 People Who Need To Stop Cooking Immediately, BuzzFeed. I love this meme so much and giggled through this entire post.


This poem parody, this amazing post from the bullet journal FB group I’m in, “got the morbs”, the most-read Teen Vogue stories from 2016, RuPaul nailing it, and this tweet.

Comfort & Joy

DIY Project: Tiny Doors — I don’t think you understand how much I love tiny things, or how happy this made me. I got this bathrobe (c/o) about six weeks ago and can honestly say that everything in this review is 100% true and I strongly recommend it to help you get through these trash times. (Also, Dallas has this one and likes it if you are looking for more sizes. Also also, the pics in the Racked article make it look like it’s fleecy/furry, but it’s definitely standard terrycloth.) And if you’re in NYC and still need Christmas gifts, I can’t recommend the Union Square Holiday Market enough — I bought so many delightful things there this weekend!

The week ahead…

Christmas! PS I’ll be posting the best things I read in 2016 later this week (but not posting next Sunday) so keep an eye out for that!

The week in review

December 11, 2016

Hello! Here’s what I’ve got for this cold and snowy (!!) Sunday…


18 Quotes That Will Make You Want To Start Keeping A Journal


21 Photos That Will Only Make Sense If Your Friends Love Trash Men

20 Old-Timey Photos That Are 100% You And Your Friends

Are You Actually A Dick?

Plus! My thoughts on the new Bachelor cast.


Still reading The Unwinding! Also, I kept putting off reading all the awful things in my Pocket this week, so — lucky you! — it’s a slightly less depressing line-up this week…

Florida’s broken sentencing system, Herald Tribune. A must-read. And an enraging one.

Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America, Teen Vogue.

Chimamanda Adichie on Black Hair and the Narrow Definition of Beauty, NY Mag. “How would you describe your relationship with your hair? I don’t think we have enough time to talk about this.”

Angels of the Resistance (and a Serial Killer) in Nazi-Occupied Paris, The Daily Beast.

Why Time’s Trump Cover Is a Subversive Work of Political Art, Forward.

After a toddler accidentally shot and killed his sister, family’s wounds run deep, Alaska Dispatch News.

What Women Really Think of Men, The New York Times. “When we declare that men will always be brutes and women can only shrug from on high, we engage in what President George W. Bush once called the soft bigotry of low expectations. Feminists’ critique of male power has long been caricatured as hatred of men. But it is feminists whose fight is motivated by the belief that men can be better, if we can make clear that they, too, benefit from a safer, more equal and more just world.”

Locked On The Psych Ward, BuzzFeed. Just awful.

This is what happens when Donald Trump attacks a private citizen on Twitter, The Washington Post.

The Comet Ping Pong Gunman Answers Our Reporter’s Questions, The New York Times.

Helping Ex-Inmates Stay Out Of The ER Brings Multiple Benefits, NPR.

Annie Glenn: ‘When I called John, he cried. People just couldn’t believe that I could really talk.’, The Washington Post. I cried multiple times reading this???

Prince’s Closest Friends Share Their Best Prince Stories, GQ.

Video Calls Replace In-Person Visits In Some Jails, NPR.

Reduce Subway Fares for Poor New Yorkers, The New York Times. Yes, do this???

Dorothy Height Becomes 15th Black Woman to Be Honored With U.S. Postage Stamp, Ebony.

How to Hide $400 Million, The New York Times Magazine. omfg

Tom Ford on Sex, Death, and Penetration, GQ. 👀

Ladies And Gentlemen, Please Log Off Your Computers, Draw Your Blinds, And Sit On The Floor, For It Is The Time Of Year The Radiator Can Be Smelt!!!, Clickhole.

The New “Bachelor” Cast Is Here, And It’s Spectacular, BuzzFeed.

This Season’s Bachelor Contestants, Ranked By Going Out Top, Racked.

Comfort & Joy

Put on this playlist and read the 2016 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog. Then give “Hamildolph” a watch, learn about how “O Holy Night” is an anti-slavery song, read this advice for telling kids the truth about Santa, enjoy this tale of a substitute teacher who ruined Christmas for a bunch of children, and remember that you can send incarcerated teens books here.

The week ahead…

Lots of writing + the BuzzFeed holiday party! 

The week in review

December 4, 2016

Photo: Taylor Miller

Happy December! Here’s what I got up to this week…


Only A True Historian Can Get 15/15 On This First Ladies Quiz

21 Very Merry Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas

24 Photos That’ll Make You Say “Me In Cold Weather”

15 Tried And True Recipes You’ll Make Again And Again


Designating the extra terrifying and stressful articles with a * again.

Trump’s lies have a purpose. They are an assault on democracy.*, Think Progress.

US military prepares for the next frontier: Space war*, CNN. I heard this story via my Amazon Echo on Tuesday morning. Then I read the Think Progress article on the subway. It was…a lot.

That Time I Almost Stabbed A Couple Rednecks Who Saw My Headwrap And Assumed I Was Muslim, VSB. You deserve this after those other two. It’s amazing.

Now Is the Time to Talk About What We Are Actually Talking About, The New Yorker. “Now is the time to resist the slightest extension in the boundaries of what is right and just. Now is the time to speak up and to wear as a badge of honor the opprobrium of bigots. Now is the time to confront the weak core at the heart of America’s addiction to optimism; it allows too little room for resilience, and too much for fragility. Hazy visions of ‘healing’ and ‘not becoming the hate we hate’ sound dangerously like appeasement. The responsibility to forge unity belongs not to the denigrated but to the denigrators. The premise for empathy has to be equal humanity; it is an injustice to demand that the maligned identify with those who question their humanity.”

Everything mattered: lessons from 2016’s bizarre presidential election, Vox.

Donald Trump Is the Greatest Threat to American Democracy in Our Lifetime*, The Nation.

Keep Hope Alive, Slate.

Men Dump Their Anger Into Women, Emma Lindsay on Medium. “Men who don’t understand their entire emotional range are prone to anger because they can’t meet their own needs. So, their needs go unmet, and a natural response to an unmet need is anger. Much like how you get a flash of anger when you stub your toe, or when you go to cook lunch and your stove won’t turn on. If you are tired, and want to go bed, but something stops you from going to bed (say, work) you might get angry. However, for a lot of men, I think, this anger comes from their own inability to understand what they need. So, it will be like, they’re tired, but don’t understand that they’re tired, so don’t go to sleep. Then, in an emotionally depleted state, they’re highly prone to small triggers (like, the phone rings and they get pissed off.) And, women will manage this. But, it sucks. It fucking suckkks.”

What I’m Doing To Get My Black Ass Ready For The Next 4 Years, The Establishment.

Texas to implement rules requiring burial or cremation of fetal remains, Texas Tribune.

Ivanka Trump’s Terrible Book Helps Explain The Trump Family Ethos, The New Yorker.

Beware Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan, The New Republic.

Van Jones: “Hope for the Best, Expect and Prepare for the Worst”, Mother Jones. (Apologies if I share this already, but I think I forgot to put it here after I first read it.)

We Asked 8,500 Internet Commenters Why They Do What They Do, FiveThirtyEight. Related: this comment from FiveThirtyEight.

After a Breakup, an App to Help Breathe, Then Run, The New York Times.

The Hidden Epidemic of Men Who Are Raped by Women, Broadly.

How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’*, The New York Times.

Reddit Is Tearing Itself Apart, Gizmodo.

The Array of Conflicts of Interest Facing the Trump Presidency, The New York Times.

Donald Trump’s Cabinet assembly instructions, Washington Post.

How to Manipulate Donald Trump, Slate.

The Trump Bros Have Found Their Safe Space, BuzzFeed.

Trump’s Lies Destroy Logic As Well As Truth*, The New Republic.

Loving My Son, After His Death, The New York Times.

Finding Hope in a Loveless Place, Tressie Mc.

Why the Casey Affleck Sexual-Harassment Allegations Just Won’t Stick, New York Magazine.

Facebook Runs Up Against German Hate Speech Laws, The New York Times.

Good Twitter threads: “White supremacy isn’t about what is in somebody’s heart. It’s about who wields political power.” “Revoking citizenship threats should scare you.” How Trump manipulates the media (in his own words), a guide for interpreting the language of fascists, a single day of reporting on Trump, “historical narcissism” is ridiculous, and just a bunch of chill pieces the New York Times wrote to normalize Hitler back in the day.

14 Tips That Will Make Doing Thanksgiving Dishes So Much Easier, BuzzFeed. These are legit; pin for next year/re-read before Christmas.

Police Set Up A Camera In Kansas To Find A Mountain Lion And WTF Is Happening, BuzzFeed.

19 Pregnancy Brain Fails That Will Make You Laugh Then Say “Huh?”, BuzzFeed.

Entertained by

This perfect summary of how I feel watching Westworld. This delightfully batty video. The Hamilton episode of Drunk History. The Cheerios website’s user-submitted recipes. This grandpa.

Comfort & Joy

DIY circus animal cookie ornaments.

Leslie Odom, Jr.’s Christmas album.

Also, on Friday night, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for like two years: went through several of profiles of incarcerated people seeking pen pals on this website, chose a few people, and sat down and wrote intro letters. (I found good tips for what to say and not say here.) If you’re interested, you can also use this website to help facilitate mailing. Also, if you’d like to send books to incarcerated youth, you can find an Amazon wish list here.

The week ahead…

Just trying to live my life like this woman.

The week in review

November 27, 2016

all white Christmas decor

This week I worked a ton, ate a lot of Brussels sprouts and also lasagna soup, put up the Christmas decorations, and pondered whether my recent uptick in nightmares was caused by the election results, Westworld, or something else entirely! Here’s what else I was up to…


Could You Pass A 1954 Home Economics Class?

16 Excellent Gifts For Woke Babies

What Should You Do With Your Mom While You’re Home For Thanksgiving?

People Are Having A Field Day With This “Make America Great Again” Ornament

People Are Loving This Incredible Harry Potter-Themed Christmas Tree


Note: items marked with a * are especially terrifying. I mean, the majority of the political links here are deeply upsetting, but these are the ones that are particularly ~end of days~ way. I don’t think people shouldn’t read those things – quite the opposite — but I do understanding wanting to be in a certain mindset for the particularly heavy shit.

On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t The Problem, Forsetti’s Justice. This is so, so, so good. It also led to a Trump voter who I literally don’t even know screeching at me on Facebook that (among other things) farmers are “the backbone of America,” and also saying that I, who she believed wrote the article (???), am ignorant. 

Blaming Clinton’s Base for Her Loss Is the Ultimate Insult, New York Magazine. Rebecca Traister is so great. 

‘Normal America’ Is Not A Small Town Of White People, FiveThirtyEight. This is so interesting! 

Valeria Luiselli: This Is How The World Ends?, Literary Hub.

Pat McCrory Lost the North Carolina Governorship. Now He’s Trying to Steal It., Slate. “What’s happening in North Carolina is not mere politics. It is a perversion of democracy.”

Prepare For Regime Change, Not Policy Change*, Dissent Magazine.

We’re heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump*, The Correspondent. “You still have your freedom, so use it. There are many groups organizing for both resistance and subsistence, but we are heading into dark times, and you need to be your own light. Do not accept brutality and cruelty as normal even if it is sanctioned. Protect the vulnerable and encourage the afraid. If you are brave, stand up for others. If you cannot be brave – and it is often hard to be brave – be kind.”

The First Senator to Endorse Donald Trump Is a Longtime Opponent of Civil Rights, The Nation. A good (and scary) primer on Trump’s pick for attorney general.

We have 100 days to stop Donald Trump from systemically corrupting our institutions*, Vox.

The Hamilton-Pence Incident Was More Than Just a Distraction, Vulture.

The First Black Friday, by William Bradford., McSweeney’s.

A Sea of Charter Schools in Detroit Leaves Students Adrift, The New York Times. A background on what charter schools — something Betsy DeVos is all about — do to students and to the education system.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy Ain’t Nobody Happy”: Revised and Expanded, McSweeney’s.

Many in Florida Count on Obama’s Health Law, Even Amid Talk of Its Demise, The New York Times.

Dark Meat, Slate. I read this right after I read this incredibly charming piece on Eater about the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line. Blargh.

White nationalists? Alt-right? If you see a Nazi, say Nazi, Lindy West in The Guardian. “But if declaring the superiority of the white race, quoting Nazi propaganda, calling for ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’, and provoking Nazi salutes from his audience isn’t enough to qualify one as a neo-Nazi, then where on earth is the bar? What is the hesitation? And, given the close ties between the ‘alt-right’ and Trump’s cabinet, how is the top story on every front page not some version of ‘NEO-NAZIS ATTEMPTING TO SEIZE CONTROL OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT’?”

How Fake News Goes Viral: A Case Study, The New York Times.

Stop Calling It ‘Identity Politics’ — It’s Civil Rights, The Establishment. “They want marginalized groups to stop fighting for civil rights because that would upset poor white people who might otherwise vote Democratic, if not for minorities and women pushing their issues. Unequivocally, this is a call for white supremacy. Telling minorities or other marginalized groups that their issues are ‘distractions,’ and that they must be subservient to the issues of white men is a path that leads right back to 1950s America. It certainly isn’t a path that leads to equality or racial justice.”

Stereotype-defying Trump voters have no regrets, Financial Times.

A Muted Alarm Bell Over Russian Election Hacking, The New York Times.

How the Loyal Opposition Will Work in Trump’s America*, New York Magazine.

8-year-old hospitalized after beating by white bullies who told his sister ‘go back to the cotton farm’, Raw Story.

How Delivering Meals To Seniors Showed Me The Real New York, BuzzFeed. This is lovely.

Why I Left White Nationalism, The New York Times.

Donald Trump Personally Blasts the Press, The New Yorker.

Donald Trump Won on White-Male Resentment—but Don’t Confuse That With the Working Class, The Nation.

Talking to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Beauty Brand Ambassador We All Need Right Now, Racked. “I think America is at a strange place now. But I think women still need to know what damn moisturizer works in the winter.”

The stories, headlines and bylines are fake. But the money pouring in is very real, The News & Observer.

This thread*. “He wants Bannon not just because the dude is a Nazi. But because it is an obedience test. …There is never one single test, a poll asking ‘Is it OK to kill Jews?'”

More good threads: on the political economy of many poor white working-class Trump voters, on the fact that “economic anxiety” is only an excuse that certain people can use, how to prepare for being tear gassed, “identity politics” are economic issues, on the myth of “real America”, what “law and order” means, and a bunch of Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks, and breast augmentations.

Literally Just 22 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Sex, BuzzFeed.

Politician Who Criticized Squirrels Gets Hospitalized By Squirrel, The Huffington Post. “It was like a suicide bomber.”

Comfort & Joy

Miss Conduct’s 12 peeves of Christmas, Boston Globe.

A peace and justice advent calendar, Reading My Tea Leaves.

My two favorite Christmas playlists: Jazz & Blues Christmas (I love this playlist SO MUCH) and French Christmas songs (very good background music and also good for appearing cooler than you are).

Amazon wish list for children of incarcerated women.

Pintrill has everything 20% off until midnight tonight (and 25% off if you buy four pins) and their pins are so cute and make great gifts.


This year, I continued my tradition of buying some new clothes for myself on Black Friday! I replaced a bunch of my sweaters, because I have been wearing the same ones every day for the past four autumns/winters and am starting to get tired of a few of them, TBH. So I bought two J. Crew Holly sweaters (currently 40% off; gray and blossom; size small; I also loved this one but ultimately decided against it). I also ordered the J. Crew Factory version because I really wanted a light blue sweater (currently 50% off), and I bought a navy blue cable knit sweater from Muji (it’s so soft! size small; currently 15% off; also loved this one). Oh, and before the holiday, I ordered two more of the Uniqlo flannel shirts I wrote about here (currently on sale for $19.90, or $10 off). Thus concludes my shopping adventures until April!


This charming video of women making globes, “me after getting some dick”, this dude, and “France is bacon”.

The week ahead…

Eagerly awaiting my Christmas tree’s arrival! 

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