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BuzzFeed: 8 Historical Witches You Need To Know This Halloween

October 31, 2014

(Photo: Joseph Baker, c1892 via Library of Congress)

Because there’s more to witchcraft than ‘Hocus Pocus.’ Read more on BuzzFeed!

BuzzFeed: 21 Fall Porch Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Insanely Jealous

October 25, 2014

Want to inspire major envy in your ‘hood? Try one of these simple front porch ideas to totally win at autumn.

(Photo from Design, Dining, and Diapers)

Candy corn trail mix

October 18, 2014

It’s that time of year again: time to make the Halloween trail mix I love so much!

Candy corn trail mix | The Rewm | To make, combine equal parts candy corn, peanuts, dried chopped dates, and dark chocolate chips

To make, just combine equal parts candy corn, peanuts, dried chopped dates, and dark chocolate chips.

Candy corn trail mix | The Rewm | To make, combine equal parts candy corn, peanuts, dried chopped dates, and dark chocolate chips

It’s delicious, and it’s the only way to make candy corn even remotely edible.

Lover.ly: 13 Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

September 25, 2014

cop and donut

Photo by: Katie in Kansas

See the rest on Lover.ly!

Fourth of July weekend

July 8, 2014

Eric and I made the 12.5-hour drive to Missouri on Wednesday to spend the Fourth of July weekend in the Ozarks with his family at his aunt and uncle’s cabin. The drive went surprisingly fast and we passed the first few hours taking turns selecting a song to listen to. It was a 90s and 2000s rapstravaganza and it was pretty great. I also spotted something called “Doritos JACKED” in one of the gas stations where we stopped. What even…are they caffeinated? I really hope they are caffeinated Doritos.


Eric has been going to this golf resort with his family since he was a kid, and it’s really special to all of them. I can see why; it’s beautiful and peaceful. All the little cabins and lush greenery make it feel like Disney made a summer camp for adults. (Bonus: the weather was perfect for the entire weekend!) Eric has a lot of great memories of his trips there growing up, and I love being a part of the newer ones! 

4th of July

After we arrived, we went to Wal-mart to pick up a few items and spotted those amazing T-shirts. I’d already packed a lot of (OK…strictly) red, white, and blue attire, so  I tried to convince Eric to get the wolf shirt. I may have said, “I will divorce you if you do not buy this T-shirt” and he eventually agreed…but then backed out when it became apparent that it was a woman’s T-shirt. “It will look funny on me,” he said. Yes—the way the shoulders fit would be the reason the shirt looked ridiculous. 

Eric and I did most of the organizing for this trip, which was a first for us/his family. Taking a more active role in planning it felt like a new married thing to do, and I really liked that. I said I’d take the lead on making most of the foodstuffs, so when Eric’s parents arrived on Thursday, we went to the grocery store with his mom my MOTHER-IN-LAW (!!!) to get everything we needed for the weekend. Here were the food highlights from the weekend: 

Grilled sausages, peppers, and onions on rolls

Fruit salad with vanilla pudding mix

Banana split bar + several different types of crushed cookies/candy in addition to the standard toppings

BBQ pulled pork (I opted for a Crock Pot recipe so no one had to worry about cooking all day/manning the grill.)

My grandma’s potato salad (This was a big deal, as my grandma’s potato salad is legendary in my family. It was my first time making it, and while I don’t think I did it justice, it was really well received.) 

Banana pudding (I actually totally outdid my grandma on this one; it was delicious.)

We also drove for 30 minutes to a nearby town with his aunt and uncle to get donuts on Friday morning, and they were really good.

4th of July

Aside from cooking and eating, we took a bunch of beautiful walks (with bunnies! and deer!), went out on a boat, went to the pool (me), played a lot of golf (Eric), and lamented the fact that the prison tour was sold out. (Next year though!!) Oh, and Indiana met his first cat! He was woofing at Eric’s aunt and uncle’s cat so we let decided to let him go check her out. When he ran toward her, she puffed up huge and hissed at him; he looked completely terrified and sprinted away at full speed. Even after she had walked away (muttering “Cats rule, dogs drool” I assume), he still had to be coaxed upstairs. 


While most people in Michigan head “up North” for every three-day weekend, that was never something my family did, and most summer holidays just consisted of us grilling at home. And that’s fun and all, but it was never something to get pumped about. This was the first year where I actually did something special and I…kinda see what all the fuss was about! I even liked the fireworks! (Normally, I feel about fireworks about like I do about Doritos JACKED: just…WHY BOTHER?!?!) I’d call this a solid first Fourth of July as a married couple.

Law & Order: SVU valentines

February 6, 2014

Law & Order: SVU valentinesThese are amazing.

Also, Eric and I spent the weekend catching up on four episodes of SVU and I found myself really missing those good, old-fashioned Benson-and-Stabler-catch-a-rapist-and-Cabot-puts-them-away episodes. I can only handle so much Benson getting the shit kicked out of her and ripped-from-the-headlines plots. And all the focus on the detectives’ personal lives is wearing me out! I know Elliot and his jean jacket are never coming back, but is it too much to ask for just a basic procedural each week? I mean, if USA Network has taught us anything, it’s that that style really doesn’t get old.


The 2013 Wonder gifts

January 11, 2014

Every Christmas Eve, everyone in Eric’s family receives the best/worst/best gifts from his grandpa…or, according to his grandpa, gifts that come from Wonder, his cat who has been dead since before Eric was even born.

Wonder gifts

The Wonder gifts are delivered to each family member in a large cardboard box; inside is a carefully-edited collection of presents that he has been collecting from antique stores and garage sales (and who knows where else?) all year. Eric always acted like the gifts were random and ridiculous, and like his grandpa was so weird, but I could tell that they were actually oddly…appropriate. Totally eccentric, sure, but appropriate to the recipient. And hilarious. For example, in 2011, Eric received a mechanical engineering manual from the 1960s, a VHS tape from the 1980s (still in the plastic wrap) that promised to “turn your brain into a human calculator!”and a 1980s purple and white Cosby-style cardigan (complete with huge purple football buttons) with four panels on the front featuring Kansas State logos and mascots. I received (among other things) a belly dancing kit, a leopard print flask, red fur handcuffs, and a thick, color-illustrated paperback book called Your Pregnancy. We (like everyone else opening their gifts) laughed until we cried and were thoroughly embarrassed. The Wonder gifts are the best.

Eric always acts like the Wonder gifts are sooo weird and uncool…and yet this is a man who loves white elephant gift exchanges more than anyone I know, who keeps an eye out for the perfect gag gifts all year long, and who genuinely wishes he could bring multiple gifts to the white elephant gift exchange because he finds so much hilarious crap that he wants to gift. (His office white elephant gift this year was a giant mug that said “cat lady” and then had the not-at-all-ironic definition of a cat lady on it, a hunky cowboy calendar (“Studs in Spurs”),  and some really fancy chocolate-covered Oreos. It was a big hit and was actually stolen three times…however, he fully admits he was outdone by the person who brought Sweatin’ to the Oldies.) Whether he’ll admit it or not, the Wonder gifts are completely in line with his sense of humor, and I cannot wait until we’re 80 years old and doing the same thing.

In 2012, Eric’s mom shipped us our Wonder gifts (because I was horrified when she said she was going to toss them since we weren’t there on Christmas Eve) but they went to the wrong address and we never got them. (I can only imagine what was in those boxes, and what the wrong recipients thought when they opened them.) But we received 2013’s Wonder gifts yesterday, and they did not disappoint.

Wonder gifts

Wonder gifts

Wonder gifts

Wonder gifts

There were a lot of gifts in our boxes, but the highlights were the books. I received a lot of sexy things (though I think some were meant for Eric?), and a book on potty training your child. (Naturally.) Also, I can’t fault Wonder for not knowing that I already own How to be a Great Lover. Eric received what I can only describe as the beginning of a fantastic bathroom reading collection (and the Insult the Comic Dog CD). Even as he was insisting his grandpa is crazy, he had to admit that these titles are…basically a pretty good summation of the kinds of things he watches on TV every Saturday and Sunday. So. There is that.

As usual, there was a hidden gem among the Wonder gifts. Eric and I have been on the lookout for a “trinket” to fill a spot in our gallery wall. (Which, by the way, I basically finished over the holidays as planned!) There is a spot that needs something vertical to fill it, and we didn’t want to put a photo there. “We need something long and thin, like a cool key or something,” I said to Eric at one point. We’ve been keeping an eye out for the perfect thing as we peruse antique stores, but haven’t had any luck so far. So when I found this large gold key/thermometer circa Chicago 1933 in the box, I couldn’t believe it.

Wonder gifts

It matches the style of our living room perfectly and is exactly what we have been looking for.

Wonder gifts

Sometimes, Wonder just knows.

Happy 2014!

January 1, 2014

2013 holiday card

The only way I can get into New Year’s Eve is when I’m playing pretend at 9:00 in the morning, as I was when that photo was taken. Last night, Eric and I ordered Chinese food, as we enjoy doing on New Year’s Eve. We fell asleep around 11:15 watching Planet Earth.

Of note today:

Champagne Widows Helped Break the Gender Barrier. This is such a fascinating article and the kind of trend piece I love.

Talking About a Resolution is a great take on why it’s obnoxious to snark on people who make New Year’s resolutions. As someone who sets resolutions and genuinely benefits from them, I loved this.

PS The secret to sending out holiday cards every year? Send new year’s cards instead of Christmas ones…you buy yourself an extra week to get them mailed out!

Arts & crafts: Project Life holiday scrapbook

December 30, 2013

Holiday scrapbook

A few weeks ago, I came across the idea to make a holiday scrapbook, which I loved. At first I decided I wasn’t going to do it until next year; I didn’t want to go back and do the past few years, and I figured it made sense to start the scrapbook with our first newlywed Christmas rather than our fourth Christmas as a couple. But then I got motivated last week and decided to just go back and do the past three years…as long as I didn’t spend too much time on them. Done was way more important than perfect.

Since I’ve been using Project Life this year, I made the holiday scrapbook using Project Life too. Here are some of the things I did to make it work!

My albums were starting to feel a little boring, but last week I found the blog Stitch in Time; it gave me a lot of ideas for ways to mix things up, and I started thinking outside of the templates. I punched holes in pretty envelopes and pieces of card stock (as well as old Christmas cards) so I could easily add photos, notes, and other items that didn’t fit into the templates I had.

Holiday scrapbook

Holiday scrapbook

Instead of trying to round up photos to document every little moment from the past three Christmases, I created single-page recaps for each year. I also used the full-page pockets to work in large photos and recipes. This helped break up the pages so the templates didn’t feel as repetitive, and I love how the larger photos look.

Holiday scrapbook

Holiday scrapbook

Holiday scrapbook

The biggest thing that helped was buying photo paper and printing most of the photos at home. It was so convenient and meant I could easily print off the photos I needed to finish a page. I also figured out how to print oddball sizes in iPhoto (mainly to fill the 3 x 4 vertical pockets that appear in lot of the Project Life templates) which meant using the pictures I liked and filling out the templates was much easier.

Holiday scrapbook

Holiday scrapbook

Holiday scrapbook

I’ve also been on the lookout for fun and pretty Christmas papers and prints to work in. I bought a bunch of glittery paper at Michael’s and found a vintage Christmas postcard at an antique store yesterday (originally mailed in 1909!). The mix of textures and styles is one of the thing I liked best about the pages from Stitch in Time, and I love what they add to my scrapbook.

Holiday scrapbook

vintage Christmas post card

Doing it this way went pretty quickly; I’m now caught up on the past three years and ready to work on Christmas 2013! I’ll probably do that in January (or, honestly, March).

Christmas 2013

December 29, 2013


Here are some highlights from our holiday…

Christmas Eve

Christmas gift

Central Market

Central Market


We spent our Christmas Eve at…Central Market. After seeing all the delicious holiday foodstuffs there a few days prior (while buying gifts for our families), we decided we’d go back on Christmas Eve, first thing in the morning, and have sort of a free-for-all. (Their bakery invites that sort of thing.) We got there around 8:30 and it was a total madhouse…we thought it would be pretty deserted on Christmas Eve, but it was packed with people shopping for Christmas Eve dinner and picking up flowers and gifts. Despite the crowds (and maybe because of them) we had a ton of fun. Central Market is just such a happy place and everyone was in good spirits. We made breakfast at the hot bar, bought muffins from the bakery, and got coffee from the coffee bar (and it was seriously the best coffee I’ve had in recent memory). Before we left, we bought some flowers and a few items for our Christmas dinner. It was just one of those perfect mornings.

Then I dropped Eric off at home and went and did more than half of my Christmas shopping.


Christmas stocking



croque monsieurs

toy fox terrier


The dogs gave Eric a pair of sneakers (that he loved!) and they gave me the DVD set of Planet Earth (which I have been wanting forever). After having croque-monsieurs and fruit salad for breakfast (second year in a row…I think that means it’s a tradition now!) we got back in bed with the dogs and watched Planet Earth for a few hours. It was so cozy and basically another perfect morning. We got out of bed to have lunch, do some wedding tasks we needed to finish, and to eventually make dinner.

Christmas recipes

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner

Christmas tree

The rest of the week/weekend has been a mix of work, wedding projects, reading, scrapbooking, shopping, and lounging…all set to the soundtrack of the new Beyonce album.

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