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My Christmas apartment decor

December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve! Just wanted to share some photos of a bunch of the Christmas decorations that I’ve been collecting over the past few years. (Pretty much everything is from Target, Flying Tiger, or Home Goods, but if you want the source for something specific, hit me up on Insta/Twitter/FB!)

DIY vase project

July 6, 2015

This vase was one of the first things I made with my Silhouette Portrait.

best buds

Photo: Sarah Kobos / BuzzFeed Life

Learning to use the Silhouette is definitely taking a lot of trial and error, but this project wasn’t too bad. I quickly discovered the “Weld” function, which is what I used to get the letters to cut out as one piece instead of separately. (The font I used is called Rochester, by the way.) And it wasn’t terribly easy to get the words onto the curved vase. But I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I like the idea of giving it as a housewarming or hostess gift, along with a bunch of fresh flowers.

A fancy animal gallery wall is the perfect gallery wall

June 29, 2015

When Eric and I went to the beach with our friends Carly and David a couple weeks ago, we started our day with breakfast at their apartment. And that’s where I saw their amazing gallery wall.

Cat gallery wall

This is what Carly told me about how their wall came to be:

“David was drunk is 2011 and stumbled across an artist who painted ‘Gentleman Dogs in Suits’ on Amazon and bought it on the spot. A previous version he told me of this story including him buying it on the street, but now he’s saying this never happened and he doesn’t remember telling me that. Agree to disagree. This was a time that he still went on Facebook, and he found the post, celebrating his purchase!”

“He hung it in his room and decided it was lonely, so he decided to expand the collection (probably also on a drunken whim).”

“Then came Carly: the beautiful and intelligent woman who would sweep him off his feet and three years later become his wife! I loved the art he already had, and thought it would be a thoughtful Christmas gift for my new boyfriend to add to the collection, so two more portraits by a different artist were hung on his wall. Then we moved in together, and people started getting them for us as housewarming gifts. My mom found some coasters depicting dogs as famous people at a garage sale and she had them mounted for us. My sister added the giant cat on the upper right when Rosie and Frankie joined the family. We got another famous print of two very chic cats painted over a page from a french novel for my bridal shower, and on and on it went! We opted for a tortoise shell green background, because I thought it gave it a den-like feel.”

Cat gallery wall

I love this! (Coincidentally, here is a similar gallery wall I came across yesterday, that actually belongs to a guy I am loosely connected to through the wedding industry.) It seems like people are always saying they don’t know what to hang on their walls because they don’t have good photos to frame, and gallery walls are kind of a pain to create. Doing completely unexpected artwork is both practical and fun!

BuzzFeed: Get Ready To Fall In Love With Danish Store Flying Tiger

May 28, 2015

If Ikea and the dollar store had a baby — and Crate & Barrel and Party City were its crazy aunts — you’d have something close to the Danish store Flying Tiger.


Read more about it here.

BuzzFeed: 18 Times Restoration Hardware Went Too Damn Far

April 11, 2015

“During the French Revolution, reading was forbidden in order to prevent the spread of rebellious stories about the monarchy. During that time, printers produced couverture muette or ‘mute books’ – books with blank covers – to avoid detection. Paying homage to those historic 18th-century tomes, these exquisite books are entirely crafted by hand, from the torn paper and simple cover boards to the naturally stained linen bindings and timeworn labels. The only difference? The pages within are blank.”

rh books

Photo: Restoration Hardware

Those blank books cost $125 BTW.

See them all on BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed: These Photos Prove Exactly How Much Real Estate Photos Matter

March 20, 2015

Because no one is going to pay $2,000 a month to live in your overexposed and out-of-focus apartment.

real estate pics

Photo: Harry Lim Photography

See more here.

Gallery wall progress!

November 17, 2014

So approximately 14 months after starting our gallery wall, it’s now *almost* done. 

Gallery wall

It’s actually been really close to being done since the beginning of this year, but we left space for a large wedding photo and, uh, still haven’t ordered one. Then when I was in Michigan this summer, antiquing with my mom, I noticed that a lot of the merchandise I had liked when I was in that antique store in May 2013 was still there. I wandered off to see if I could find a framed photo that I had loved a year prior—a black and white photograph of the 1930 Flint Northern High School varsity football team that I thought would look perfect in our living room, but that I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on. It wasn’t in the same spot it had been in 2013, and then I ended up getting distracted by a lot of vintage beauty products and sort of forgot about it. A bit later, I told my mom I wanted her opinion on the vintage beauty products; as we were looking at them, I looked up and noticed the framed photo I had been looking for was now actually hanging right above the beauty products! And it was 50 percent off! “Grim, I lost her once! I’m not going to lose her again!” I shouted as I rowed my boat furiously. (The lover I did not know was actually half fish = the antique photo in this situation.)

After a couple months of waiting for my mom to ship the framed photo to me in Houston, I finally had the perfect piece to complete our gallery wall. So naturally, I let it sit in our living room for several weeks because I didn’t feel like taking 20 minutes to hang it and the other photos I’d framed over the summer. But yesterday, I was getting shit done around the house and I finally took care of it.

And I’m so glad I got it done JUST IN TIME TO MOVE OUT! But since we’re basically moving in phases, and phase 1 doesn’t include all the breakables from the living room, it just made sense to hang the remaining photos up now. At least when we do take all the photos to New York, we’ll know exactly where to hang each one?

BuzzFeed: 21 Fall Porch Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Insanely Jealous

October 25, 2014

Want to inspire major envy in your ‘hood? Try one of these simple front porch ideas to totally win at autumn.

(Photo from Design, Dining, and Diapers)

Brick by brick

September 10, 2014

So…this is what happens when you find an AMAZING deal for brand-new bricks for your patio on Craigslist…even though said patio hasn’t been fully designed and certainly has not been approved by your HOA yet…


After unloading the bricks from the seller’s trailer into our garage (when I thought Eric was actually going to die), we got sick of parking on the street and transferred them—basically brick by brick—into our downstairs office. Where they have been for approximately one month.

If the bricks have to stay in there much longer, I think I’m going to just start pretending they are the actual patio. Maybe I’ll put some planters on them, and sit on them after work and sip on a drink.

I’ve got does in different area codes

August 9, 2014

I came across Tiny Deer Studio at Pop Shop Houston this spring, and loved all of photographer Jessica Lopez’s pastel-colored prints. She features several different miniature animals (and dinosaurs), but I’ve always had a thing for deer/reindeer so I was drawn to those. 

Photo by Tiny Deer Studio

Photo by Tiny Deer Studio

Photo by Tiny Deer Studio

I mentioned to Eric last weekend that one of the prints would make a great birthday present…and the next day, I received a gift card from his parents to Society6, which is basically a Cafe Press for hipsters. I was able to get a few Tiny Deer prints, along with a couple of other items from different shops. I’ve actually been working on framing/hanging up photos and prints over the past few weekends, so I’m pretty excited for these new additions to arrive! 

All photos by Tiny Deer Studio.

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