A Thursday off

January 27, 2018

In general, weekends are not my favorite time. I just feel so much pressure — both to get things done and to relax — that I end up overthinking everything, panicking, freezing, and then feeling like I could have spent my time much better. Meanwhile, I love to be at work and get major work FOMO, so I basically never use my time off. I’ve been thinking for a while that I should make use of my large stockpile of PTO and take a day off here and there to just do all the shit that I can never find an ideal day/time to do — home admin stuff, errands, light chores, or even the kind of shopping that I actually want to do, but don’t feel like doing on the weekends when the stores are busy and the subways are essentially shut down. (I recently made the mistake of going into the city on a Saturday — something I basically never do — and it took me two and a half hours to get home. Two and a half hours!!! To go seven miles!!! I literally lost count of how many different trains and train lines I was on. All because Sherwin-Williams had fucked up my paint sample and I wanted to get it corrected!!! Ughhhhh I’m just still so mad about that day.)

After telling myself I should really take the occasional weekday off for like…several months…I finally just went for it this week. I took Thursday off and did so many things! (For the past two weeks, I’ve kept a running list of all the things that I should do with my day off, and every time an annoying “Ugh I should do that” task popped into my head, I’d add it to the list — because I knew if I didn’t have a plan, I’d forget everything I wanted to do, and would just end up going into work.) I dropped off dry cleaning; I made a phone call (A PHONE CALL!!!) to solve an issue I was having returning some pants to Gap; I went to Target and Michaels and Catbird; I did laundry; I went to multiple grocery stores to pick up ingredients for a couple of new recipes I am planning to make this weekend; I walked a ton. I did all of this at a very leisurely pace. And…it was great!

Doing everything on a Thursday meant I didn’t have the usual “How DARE you make me do errands during my sacred weekend time?” resentment, or the pressure to ~just do nothing~ during said sacred weekend time. (“Doing nothing” is a great idea in theory, but like…what do I want to *do* when I do nothing? Do I want to watch The Crown? Do I want to read a book? Do I want to write? I should really write something. No, I should really read. Should I see a movie? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM HERE????) I didn’t do all the things on Thursday — I still left my chores to do on Friday night — but that was fine because it was essentially a bonus day, and everything I did was so much more than I normally do on Thursdays. Also, I feel like in NYC, an hour is actually 40 minutes on weekends, but is like 80 minutes on a weekday. Not only was there less foot and train traffic to deal with, but no one was interrupting me with texts or whatever because everyone was at work. I also chose to get up pretty close to my normal weekday time, which made the day feel even longer. And I didn’t have any work FOMO because I just like…chose not to care! A novel concept!!!

Now that I’ve had a taste of the magic of a random weekday off, I’m going to aim to do it once a month. Yesterday I put a recurring event on my calendar to remind myself (slash force myself) to take off the fourth Thursday of each month. I figure I can adjust if something really important comes up, but I’ll be a lot more likely to stick with it if I do it regularly.

(If you’re wondering why I chose Thursdays…well, we get catered lunch at work on Mondays and Wednesdays and bagels for breakfast on Fridays, so I immediately eliminated those days as possibilities. Also, I knew if I did a three-day weekend, then that familiar weekend pressure would start to creep in. And Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week, so I knew better than to try to do something nice on a Tuesday — that would basically be putting the proverbial lipstick on the proverbial pig. Plus, I just really love Thursdays, so it seemed like the perfect option.)

Anyway, it was a great day, and I’m proud of myself for actually doing it, especially since one of my personal goals for January was literally just “take a day off work.” CHECK, bish!!!

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