Gone Girl (the movie)

October 6, 2014

After finishing Gone Girl last week, I decided I wanted to see the movie, so Eric and I went to see it on Friday night!

Thoughts and spoilers ahead…

gone girl

  • Overall, I liked the movie, but I felt it lacked the high-stakes thriller vibe of the book. The beginning of the book filled me with dread. During the movie, well…I’ve felt more intrigued watching episodes of “Dateline.”
  • My reaction to the book was that the first half of it was great, and the second went downhill. I felt the opposite about the movie; the first half was meh, but the second half was a lot better.
  • This is one of the most true-to-the-book movies I’ve ever seen. Since I had just finished it, a lot of the dialogue was fresh in my mind and I was super aware when it was coming directly from the book. Presumably it’s because Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay herself; I liked that about it. 
  • More men going down on women in movies, plz!
  • I’ve read a lot of criticism about the way Nick’s and Amy’s stories were told in the movie. Amy’s is told with her voiceover so it’s always clear that it’s just her perspective. But Nick’s is told from the omnipresent POV, making him seem far more reliable, and also like less of a raging asshole. This is actually my main complaint about the movie: Nick was not made to look like the raging asshole that he is…which in turn makes Amy look like a “psycho bitch.” Which she is…but I felt like the best thing about the book was how it dug deeper into the stereotypes of the lazy, cheating husband and the shrill nagging bitch wife. This telling felt a lot less complex, and made it seem like Nick was not a saint, but a mostly decent guy who got wronged by his crazy bitch wife. And maybe that’s the reality, but it felt like the question surrounding that—of who was really right in this situation—was one of the most defining aspects of the book. In the movie, it felt like the question had already been answered for us.
  • I didn’t like Go in the book but I liked her a lot in the movie.
  • Tyler Perry, likable? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. And Missi Pyle’s Ellen Abbott was great.
  • Thanks for the side peen, Ben Affleck! (Eric thinks it was a body double; I don’t because it was such a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, what would be the point?)
  • When I read the book, I didn’t really buy the Desi murder plot. But hot damn, I bought it when I saw the movie. It was so gruesome, but I thought it was the best scene in the movie; it was so perfectly choreographed and the music was on point.
  • I’m pretty sure the girls sitting next to me in the (packed) theater were drunk; they kept giggling throughout the movie and it was just so annoying.
  • Remember when I said the plot twist reminded of me Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None? Well, Refinery29 posted an article this weekend suggesting that Agatha Christie was the original “Gone Girl,” a theory I will now treat as fact.

Bottom line: the movie was pretty good, as far as book adaptations go, but I think it missed the vibe of the book in some critical ways. I’m really glad I read the book before seeing it.

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