Fighting shape

October 23, 2013


Yesterday, after being glued to my desk for way longer than I usually am (seriously, did I just forget to move??), Eric and I took a quick walk around the neighborhood so I could shake off the day, During our walk, we talked about what I call being in “fighting shape” — when you feel really motivated and good about working out, when you’ll push yourself to do it on vacation or when you’re busy or on weekends, and when you’re willing to try new classes or take a longer walk home because you know your body can handle it. It’s when you can read a fitness magazine or health article and feel confident that you’re already doing most of the things they recommend you do to be healthy. (Like, “What’s that you say, Dr. Nancy Snyderman? Adults need to work out for 30-60 minutes most days of the week to help avoid getting sick this winter? DONE!!”)

Eric got it, and he is totally there — he has been really kicking ass with his workouts lately. For my part, I think I’ve been feeling kind of mentally tapped out each day, plus I stay semi-active doing stuff around the house, and that, combined with Eric often being physically tired from his workouts, has somehow left me thinking I worked out too? Like, I’m fit by association?

But the reality is, my workout motivation has been low lately, for a pretty simple reason: I’ve been really bored. While I love doing yoga podcasts at home, I’ve also been doing the same yoga podcast a lot for the past few months. I’ve tried adding more variety to the podcasts, but I really love my favorite podcast way more than any of the others. For a while, I got by by adding in 10-20 minutes of additional poses, but lately, I’ve been doing it less and less. First I went down to twice a week. Then for a couple weeks, it was just once a week. And last week, after I got home from NYC…I didn’t do any yoga at all. And while I don’t really feel that different, I have had the nagging feeling that this is not good for my health, and that if I keep going down this road, it’s going to catch up to me. I’d been thinking about throwing some new workouts in the mix for a few weeks, but I was getting kind of stuck on the logistics of it (“I only want to work out for 30-45 minutes each day” “I still want to do some yoga” “I…actually don’t want to do anything at all”) and just needed to talk through it.

So once we got home from our walk, I did the thing I had been thinking about/putting off doing for a few weeks: signed up for YogaVibes so I could start doing the live recorded CoreFusion classes again. I wanted a quick total-body workout that would whip me into fighting shape. I was really hoping to only spend 30-45 minutes working out (something about the full hour gives me an inexplicable mental block!) so I told myself I could cut things short or skip around if necessary. Considering it’s been a while since I did any mountain climbers and CoreFusion Cardio is full of them, I also gave myself the out in case I just couldn’t keep. The good news is that  I could keep up better than I anticipated nd I didn’t get so terribly over it at 45:01 that I had to quit. (Though, unsurprisingly, I found the last 15 minutes were pretty boring and I definitely thought about quitting.) The really good news is that I can actually walk and lift my arms today!

My goal for the next month-ish (through the end of November) is to do two CoreFusion Cardio classes from YogaVibes each week, plus one additional workout (either yoga or another CF class), which I think will have me back in fighting shape pretty quickly. Actually, these CF Cardio classes are such a good total-body workout that I kind of feel that way after just one workout. Which means the idea that I have to do it again tomorrow is a little heartbreaking.

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