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June 14, 2013

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This post was almost canceled due to lack of hustle…or the fact that my Internet has been awful lately and I just don’t have it in me to spend another 90 minutes on the phone with AT&T this week.

This week I felt all over the place. I’m still adjusting to freelancing full time and it wasn’t until Wednesday that I finally got around to making a schedule for how to spend my time each day until Wednesday. Until I did that, I was getting really distracted and feeling overwhelmed. My main goal to figure out a way to have at least one weekend day when I wasn’t working on a deadline and I think I almost have it figured out. The only downside was doing the schedule midweek meant it was too late to really put it into practice this week. I really wanted to have some free time this weekend so I did a bunch of extra work yesterday and today so that I could get pretty close to on track and with the last article I finished a few minutes ago, I’m really, really close! Now I can spend my weekend working on a bunch of non-pressing things that I still need to get done. But hey…it’s a start!

(Side note: I promise that at some point I will write a post about freelancing in general that a lot of you mentioned being interested in. I try to avoid writing about writing when I have real writing I need to get done, so I’ve been putting it off for that reason.)

Aside from getting some work done this weekend, I also intend to look at pretty pictures of vintage hairstyles on the Internet, because I realized yesterday that I’d like to replace the messy bun with a messy beehive this summer. I should have had my grandma teach me how when I was home last month; clearly, she knows what she’s doing in that area.


Moving right along…here are some things for you to read this weekend!

For Business

Misogyny and the Marketing Chick [Medium] Related: I just came across this 2012 article this week and found it quite motivating.

Get Cultured: Houston — A Guide to the Arts, Culture and Coffee of this Eclectic City [The Cultureist] Speaking of Houston, look who slipped onto this list at #48!

For Weddings

How To: Make a Wedding Cake for Under $50 Using a Grocery Store Sheet Cake [A Practical Wedding] This is so smart, I want to basically do it for every cake/event/party ever. Had we not just figured out our cake stuff (more on that on APW next week), I’d be all over this.

The Wedding Industry’s Pricey Little Secret [Slate]

Fat Brides Need Dresses: A Dress Resource List for Plus-Sized Brides [xoJane]

For Fuck’s Sake

Ignoring Anti-Woman Wingnuttery Won’t Make It Go Away [Jezebel]

What Happens to Women Who Are Denied Abortions? [The New York Times]

Omnibus Anti-Choice Abortion Bill Now in Special Session [Jessica W. Luther]

And! For your listening pleasure: ‘Get Lucky’ reimagined for every decade since the 1920s.

What’s on your mind as we start the weekend? It’s an open thread so have at it! 

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