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March 1, 2013

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Happy March 1st! How was your week? After a really nice Saturday and a busy Sunday, I’m a little bummed about how much I just dragged ass all week. I just could not get caught up or find the energy to accomplish much of anything beyond errands and administrative tasks! My creative energy was seriously lacking. Well, not was…is.

Some announcements:

  • I am one of the 2013 A Practical Wedding writing interns! This is basically the highlight of my year. I will have my first post for them going up next week!
  • I will be at SXSW next week (I’m mentoring again this year) so if you will be there and want to hang out, get in touch!
  • I’ve been thinking of microblogging during the month of March. I have a lot on my plate right now, and most of it is stuff I wasn’t anticipating at the beginning of the year when I decided to start working on a new direction for this blog and taking on contributors. (Whoops!) I’m looking at a really busy March and April but things should level off after that. There are a lot of creative benefits for me from doing something like that, and people seem to respond well, so…that’s going to be a thing this month. (And there might be regular long-form posts and guests posts as well; we’ll just have to see!)

All right, onto some good reading material!

Do You Agree With These Four Levels of Mental Energy? [The Happiness Project — this article was on my mind a lot this week, as I was at a 3 or a 4 for so much of it.]

Why Do Women Hate Anne Hathaway (But Love Jennifer Lawrence)? [The Cut — I was…not aware everyone hated Anne Hathaway so much until this week! Definitely check out the Salon article that is linked to in that post as well.]

We Found Our Son in the Subway [New York Times]

Too Brilliant to Bathe [The New Inquiry — Uh…this is what I’ve been going for lately. I finally got my eyebrows waxed this week after the longest I’ve ever gone without since I first started caring about my eyebrows…all I can say is I wish I had taken “before” pictures. I’m getting my hair done tomorrow. I hope SXSW appreciates all this effort!]

10 Ways You’re Wasting Other People’s Time [Time Management Ninja]

Making It: Success vs. Celebrity in Fashion Blogging [IFB — great read for all bloggers!]

Haters Gonna Hate — What’s a Woman to Do About It? [The Cut]

How a Wound Heals [The Rumpus]

The Princess and the Trolls: The Heartrending Legend of Adalia Rose, the Most Reviled Six-Year-Old Girl on the Internet [Gawker]

Millenials Come of Age as America’s Most Stressed Generation [Huffington Post]

Relax! You’ll Be More Productive [New York Times]

Photographer as Witness: A Portrait of Domestic Violence [Time]

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