Foodstuffs: Oct. 30 – Nov. 5

October 30, 2012

Good Tuesday evening! Eric is off to HEB tonight for our groceries; here’s our meal plan for the week!


I added Planters NUT-rition (seriously, Planters?) Energy Mix to the list this week. I love this blend and sometimes I’m not in the mood for a hot breakfast so I thought I’d do this plus a glass of whole milk.


Leftovers! We have a ton of chili left from the party and I’m happily eating it every day for lunch.


Chili dogs (Childhood fave right here! We do nitrate-free hot dogs and whole-wheat hot dog buns, which makes me feel better about the fact that the canned — but delicious — chili I like is made with like…random cow parts and ground-up tires.)

Grilled steak salad (grilled marinated flank steak + feta + red onion + cucumber + Romaine with a side of garlic bread)

Crock Pot BBQ pork (I’m going to try again because I’ve really been craving it. This is my I WILL CONQUER YOU, HOUSE! thing this week.)

Chicken enchiladas

Baked ziti with spinach



Unsurprisingly, I did not do all of my planned workouts last week. I did yoga on Monday and yoga + spin on Wednesday as planned, but Thursday and Saturday didn’t happen. I wasn’t too worried about it; I had a pretty active week and I knew I’d get back into it this week.

Here’s the plan for this week!

Monday: long yoga class. For me, long yoga is anything longer than 45 minutes. Last night I felt like mixing it up so I looked for a new podcast to download; the shortest one I could find on the fly was 65 minutes. So, fine…except OHMYGOSH IT WAS REALLY HARD. Not fine!

Wednesday: yoga + spin for a total of 50 minutes

Thursday: 25 minute spin. Optional, as this isn’t my workout night. I’m just going to leave it here as an option.

Saturday: wild card. I am getting a bit sick of spin + yoga, mainly because it’s really tiring, but I’m not sure what I want to do instead yet. I might do a more athletic yoga class/DVD, or start doing the Core Fusion Lean & Toned DVD, which is what I call “barefoot bootcamp.” (You can also rent it on Amazon if you’re interested in trying it.) I haven’t done it in ages so I’m sort of nervous because I remember it being kind of an ass whooping with a ton of mountain climbers, but I think it would be good to start doing it once a week, just to keep things fresh.

That’s all I got! I’ve got some writing assignments to do tonight, and I’m hoping to have some time to read The Devil’s Gentleman: Privilege, Poison, and the Trial That Ushered in the Twentieth Century, which I started reading last night.

What’s your week looking like? Anything exciting on the menu for the week?

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