The week in review

May 15, 2016

By Adam Ellis for BuzzFeed

Art by Adam Ellis, based on my request. (Look at my haiiiiiir!!!!!) Also: here are some comments from a guy explaining to women that this comic is probably not about sexism, and “if you think this comic is about misogyny you’re just projecting your personal biasses and insecurities into your interpretation.” He’d also like you to know that “your attitude borders on misandry and it’s especially ironic considering I’m feminist as I already told you.”

Here’s more of what I was looking at when I was checking my phone this week…


12 Things I Learned After Losing 80 Pounds & Keeping It Off For 13 Years — the post I wrote for BuzzFeed’s Body Positivity Week!


This wee,  I got about 60 percent done with Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link and read Through the Woods by Emily Carroll, which is sad and creepy and dark. (Both are, actually, and both happen to be YA.)


More Body Positivity Week goodness: I Promise You Don’t Have To Lose Weight To Be Happy,, 9 Bodies I’ve Had, Confessions Of A Former Former Fat Kid, You Deserve Love, Even If You Don’t Like Your Body, Getting Half A Boob Job Helped Me Love My Whole Self.

Inside Superstar Machine, Which Ex-Members Say Is a Cult Preying on New York’s Creative Women, Jezebel. Oh…my god. Read the whole thing. Then read the comments.

Two gems from Lindy West in The Guardian: Break the period taboo: my name is Lindy West and I bleed, and The ‘perfect body’ is a lie. I believed it for a long time and let it shrink my life. Can’t wait to read her book this week!

Everything That’s Wrong Of Raccoons, The Toast. I laughed so hard through this entire thing. (Also: Everything What’s Wrong Of Possums: It’s All Of Them.)

My Friends Would Rather Have Their Guts Cut Open Than Be Like Me, The Establishment.

On Homecomings, The Atlantic.

Unearthing the Secrets of New York’s Mass Graves, The New York Times.

Does Your Daughter Know It’s OK To Be Angry?, Role Reboot.

Put your kids to bed early to make them smarter, happier, and fitter., Slate. Put yourself to bed early too!!!

Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private, The New York Times. Gross.

Why your Facebook feed is filled with women selling essential oils and press-on nails, Vox.

How To Make The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever, BuzzFeed. Do yourself a favor and make “The Ultimate.” They. Are. INCREDIBLE.

bell hooks and the Sour ‘Lemonade’ Review, Ebony.

Howard Stern, Donald Trump, My Dad: Lessons in How Men Talk About Women, NY Mag.

A Couple in Chicago, The New Yorker.

Poor People Deserve To Taste Something Other Than Shame, The Establishment.

Gender reveal celebrations for babies help explain transphobia., Slate.

Think Pieces About MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE And How I Could Possibly Be Wrong, Eschaton.

The goddamn New York Times.


This tweet, this onethis kid’s dancing, and emo Smash Mouth.

The week ahead…

Spending a few days at home in Michigan!

The week in review

May 8, 2016

Hey, fam! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week…


10 Life-Changing Things To Try In May


This week I went on kind of a tear and read Damned by Chuck Palahniuk (the second half is better than the first and there are a lot of good lines, but as a whole, it was a miss for me), What in God’s Name by Simon Rich (a light and tight little rom com of a book), and Get in Trouble: Stories by Kelly Link (an utterly weird book that I haven’t made my mind up about yet — you can read the first story from the collection here). I’ve also been reading The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman; it’s a lovely illustrated book that I’m treating like a bedtime story and therefore only reading before bed each night. 

Other reading material from this week…

Emotional Labor: What It Is and How To Do It, The Orbit. One of the best things I’ve read in a LONG time.

The Secret To Life Is Showering While You’re Still Drunk, BuzzFeed.

Very Important Alert: Best Instagram Account Ever Goes to @Jooleeloren, Man Repeller.

When Everything Is Bullying, Nothing Is Bullying, Jezebel. This is really good, as is this post in The Atlantic and this New York Times Magazine piece it links out to.

The White Wall Controversy: How the All-White Aesthetic Has Affected Design, Design*Sponge.

Obituaries My Mother Wrote for Me While I Was Living in San Francisco in My Twenties, The New Yorker. This spoke to me.

12 Innocuous Household Items My Son has Turned Into Weapons, The Ugly Volvo.

I Was Catfished By ABC’s What Would You Do?, Adequate Man / Deadspin. JFC.

Now That I’m Getting Older, I Forget Things, The New Yorker. This is delightfully deranged.

Publishing, Weight, and Writers Who Are “Hard To Look At”, The Toast.

17 Phone Wallpapers That’ll Stop You From Texting That One Person, BuzzFeed. HOE DON’T DO IT.

The Forced Heroism of the ‘Survivor’, The New York Times Magazine.

Why You Can’t Trust Yourself, Mark Manson.

ESPN’s Eight-Hour O.J. Documentary Is a Masterpiece, NY Mag. SO pumped to watch this!

Empowerment, Body Positivity and the Internet, Beauty Redefined.

Allrecipes reveals the enormous gap between foodie culture and what Americans actually cook., Slate.

Cheer Up! The Vulnerable, Weeping Man Is Back in Style, Jezebel.

Women Enjoying Heterosexual Kisses In Western Art History, The Toast.


This Vine (watch with sound!), this tweet (please also watch with sound) and this series of images (I LOLd).

The week ahead…

About the same as this week: a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and lot of checking my weather app wondering what the fuck is happening. The usual!

Cute earrings

May 5, 2016

I bought these earrings a few weeks ago at Urban for $14 and I really love them!

I wear them so they are positioned more like ear crawlers, and I love that they actually perfectly match the design I draw around the date on my bullet journal daily entries. I’ve been wearing them pretty much every day since I bought them!

The week in review

May 1, 2016

This week was really productive! I did quite a bit of editing, plus I’m currently working on two bigger pieces for BF and I had a cocktail shoot on Friday, which was SO fun.

nagle's bagels



Here are some other highlights from the week…


I read Fun Home after seeing the musical last week; it’s a quick read and I definitely recommend it! I also read The Inferno for the first time. I went with this translation, which had some annoying quirks (not sure if they were Kindle-specific or not) but that ultimately was very good and relatively easy to follow.

Here’s some other good reading material…

How to Negotiate a Raise (If You’re a Woman), McSweeny’s.

The Lemons, wholetimethough. Oh god, this is Beyoncé fanfic at its finest. And there are now four parts!!

Play the ‘woman card’ and reap these ‘rewards’!, The Washington Post.

CLASS-PISSED, Letters to Customer Service. Best response I’ve seen to the latest Class Pass debacle thus far.

Making Lemonade, Austin Channing.

18 Pictures That Won’t Make Sense Unless You Use Snapchat, BuzzFeed. 

The Easiest And Quickest Way To Make A Bunch Of White People Mad At You (Hint: Just Say “No”), Very Smart Brothas.

Things Dudes Have Said to Me After Sex, Catherine Cohen on Medium.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade And What Black Girls Really Mean By ‘Good Hair’,

Unintuitive Things I’ve Learned about Management Part 1 and Part 2, Julie Zhuo on Medium.

Where “Becky” Comes From, And Why It’s Not Racist, Explained, Very Smart Brothas.

My Mother Raised Me To Believe In Numbers, BuzzFeed.

I Got My Bangin’ Beach Bod From an Evil Sea Witch and So Can You!, McSweeny’s. “Now, make no mistake, this is not some fad diet. This is a lifestyle change — one that violates the laws of nature.”

50 Things to Do With Your Mom That Are More Enjoyable Than Taking Her to See Mother’s Day, Jezebel.

‘Mother’s Day’ Review: Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston Star in One of The Worst Ensemble Comedies Ever Made, IndieWire. I am loving the reviews of this movie. 

This “Hamilton” Star Is Not Throwing Away His Shot, BuzzFeed.

Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved, Joshua Topolsky on Medium.

Teatox Party, Racked.

31 Tweets For Girls Who Don’t Give A Fuck, BuzzFeed. “Oh no, my hot bod!!!”

Entertained by

Beyonce Said Drink This Lemonade, Heaux!, Tracy and Heben on PBS NewsHour, You’re the Worst Season 2, this tweet, this video, and the Reductress podcast.

The week ahead…

It’s KonMari time. Send prayers!!

The week in review

April 24, 2016

There was a lot going on this week!

I Voted

me and brett

spring vibes

The Sellout

I voted for the first time in NYC; my friend Brett got access to discount tickets to Fun Home through the show’s lottery, so we decided to go snap them up (which was the right choice — she show was GREAT); we mourned Prince (and BuzzFeed turned the hallways purple in his honor); I finished The Sellout by Paul Beatty, which was laugh-out-loud funny and sharp as hell; and then Beyoncé came in and blessed us all with Lemonade, snatching our wigs like only she can. I’m currently listening to the album on repeat and assiduously avoiding any and all white nonsense that may be published about it on the Internet in the coming days.

Here are some other highlights from this week…


71 Things That Are Perfectly Fine To Do At Your Wedding


On Becoming Anti-Bernie by Robin Alperstein on Medium.

Iceland’s Water Cure, The New York Times. This was SUCH an interesting and delightful article!

I Tried On Everything in the Ivy Park Line and Felt Like a Cute, Stupid, Beyoncé-Themed Sausage Link, Jezebel.

Where are the women of color in stoner films?, Fusion.

Is Empty Nose Syndrome Real? And If Not, Why Are People Killing Themselves Over It?, BuzzFeed. GAHHHH BYE FOREVER.

This Observer Writer Grows Weary of That Observer Writer, The Observer. This is totally inside baseball, but it’s also interesting and smart as hell.

Why Does Hollywood Keep Disrespecting Melissa McCarthy?, Vulture.

Hamilton’s Costumer Turned the Cast Inside Out, Bloomberg.

I Wore Pajamas To My Wedding, And It Was Perfect, BuzzFeed. Love, love, love this!

First Click: My filthy love affair with a Muji broom, The Verge.

‘They’re Emboldening My Rapist’: Sexual Assault Victims at BYU Are Investigated by the Honor Code, Jezebel. This is truly outrageous. Get it the fuck together, world.

Why Therapists Should Talk Politics, The New York Times.

Meet the Black Woman Architect Behind the New Smithsonian Museum, Black Youth Project.

This Meme Of Skai Jackson Is Spiralling Out Of Control, BuzzFeed.

Your evening cry: My former coworker Kelley writing on Prince and his friend Van Jones talking about him.

Tomorrow Looks Bright newsletter no. 27 — this week’s edition focuses on the black women who contributed to Lemonade! #BlackGirlMagic

The week ahead…

Let’s go crazy!

The week in review

April 17, 2016

Comic by Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

Image: Adam Ellis for BuzzFeed

This week, I discovered that if I have any interest taking part in current denim trends (and I do), I should expect that the torn-up “knees” of most distressed jeans will actually land on my calves, which looks completely absurd. (Fun fact: I’m only 5’4, something that surprises most people I know only via the internet if ever we meet IRL — it’s typically the first thing they comment on. I mentioned this to my coworker Alanna once recently and she replied, “I see you EVERY DAY and I’m still surprised by how short you actually are.”)

Here are some other highlights from this week…


I finished Department of Speculation by Jenny Offill; it was good — I highlighted a lot of lines/passages — but I also found it depressing in the way I do most modern novels about marriage. But the book was actually referenced repeatedly article about parenthood and creativity linked below, so it was nice to have that context.

Other reading material:

We Will Not Make Ourselves Smaller for the Benefit of Small Men, Nyree MacPherson on Medium. “I will not allow my evenings of bliss or my hours of passionate work to be cut down to minutes for the education of men who can’t be bothered to learn. I will not defer my own care or lower its standard so that careless men can feel useful in the process. I will not apologize or hold back tears or speak with an even tone to assuage the guilt of a man who has hurt me. I absolutely will not say ‘it’s ok’ when it’s not. I will weep and hurt and I will let him see the size of the pain exactly as it is. If he feels guilt he can repent by learning do the work, correct himself and make amends.” Yoooooo, this whole thing is so good.

‘I Don’t Know Whether to Kiss You or Spank You’: A Half Century of Fear of an Unspanked Woman, Jezebel. This. Is. WILD.

Etsy’s Dream of a Shiny, Post-Capitalist (and Post-Profit) Workplace, New York Magazine.

A Roundtable Discussion With the 12-and-Under Stars of ABC’s Comedy Slate, Vulture. Good luck handling all this cuteness.

How ‘Empowerment’ Became Something for Women to Buy, The New York Times.

At New York Times, managers receive a warning about diversity, The Washington Post.

A call to action: your fat friend is going it alone., Your Fat Friend on Medium.

Is Parenthood the Enemy of Creative Work?, New York Magazine.

An Open Love Letter to Loft, Racked.

“Happens All The Time”: What I Do When I’m Stopped By Police, The Toast.

How “Nina” Became A Disaster Movie, BuzzFeed.

19 Symptoms Anyone Who Can’t Sleep In Will Relate To, BuzzFeed. God, this is my life. 

Life in the Only Industrialized Country Without Paid Maternity Leave, The Atlantic.

The C.E.O. of ‘Hamilton’ Inc., The New York Times.

I’m documenting my own Alzheimer’s disease while I still can, The Washington Post.


This embroidery, this tweet, this baby who looks like Ted Cruz, and TINY TREE HOUSES!

Also! My favorite shoes are 25% off right now; the sale ends tonight but the beige and the chalk colors are both lovely IRL, and are absolutely worth full price if you don’t read this in time. (Here I am wearing the mint ones, which, sadly, are no longer available.)

The week ahead…

Just being a boss-ass bitch.

The week in review

April 10, 2016

essie polish


harlem dance theatre


the hike

Photos: 1. Spring nail polishes (High Class Affair, Virgin Snow, and Cabana Boy), 2. When you find that good selfie light, 3. After seeing this ad for the Harlem Dance Theatre on the subway, I was like, “DONE AND DONE!” and went with two of my work sister-wives to see a really lovely and amazing performance on Saturday night, 4. Also, Jess and I basically showed up wearing the same outfit, and 5. my Saturday morning.

Hello, hello! Along with that exploding watermelon, here are some other things that happened around these parts this week…


10 Life-Changing Things To Try In April

For Everyone Who’s Ever Loved Someone Who Loves Sports


This week, I read an advance copy of The Hike by Drew Magary. I’m not a big consumer of fantasy so I can’t say if it was really good or not, but I enjoyed it overall. Now I’m onto Department of Speculation, which has been on my list for like a year.

Other good stuff I read:

Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest, The New York Times.

Melissa Harris-Perry Interviews Anita Hill, 25 Years Later, Essence.

Women Slipping Out Of Embraces In Western Art History, The Toast.

How to Transition from Winter to Spring: A Mental Style Guide, The New Yorker.

Poem: “Bullet Points” By Jericho Brown, BuzzFeed.

Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me, The New York Times.

Your Twitter Trend Analysis Is Not Deep, and It’s Probably Wrong, Jezebel. God…my *entire body* scowled when I read the original article that Kara Brown is responding to here.

The Lenny Interview: Marian Wright Edelman, Lenny Letter.

Renting hell in New York City: how my hoarder landlady ruined my life, The Guardian.

Watching the Woke Olympics, The Awl.

Money for Nothing: The Lucrative World of Club Appearances, GQ.

20,000 lesbians in the desert: welcome to the Dinah, a world without men, The Guardian.

This Steak Made By “Donald Trump” Just Shut Down The Tasty Kitchen, BuzzFeed.

There’s A Wild Conspiracy Theory That Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Is Fake, BuzzFeed. I feel strongly that “What’s your favorite conspiracy theory?” is a really good date or party conversation starter. Also, “That that guy from One Direction’s baby is fake” is now 100 percent the right answer to that question.

The Cost of Caring, The New Yorker.

Classic Childhood Books With Updated Titles Are Beyond Hilarious, BuzzFeed.


This bridal inspiration shoot, this “If Rapunzel Was Black” tweet, and this breakfast board.

The week ahead…

I expect to spend most of my week wondering aloud if it’ll ever actually be spring.

The week in review

April 3, 2016


This week was…not the best. I’m hesitant to call any week “bad” because I’ve found that no matter what, there are always great moments where I’m laughing until I cry with my coworkers, creating cool shit, or just generally feeling #blessed…but this week just had a much larger number of woof moments than I would have liked.

Onto other things from this week…


Baths: Literally The Worst (and you can read the counterpoint here)

Also, here I am on Facebook Live for BuzzFeed DIY!


WHY YOU ARE ANGRY: A TEXT GAME, The Toast. This is…amazing. Also, don’t miss the previous installment, WHY YOU ARE LONELY.

The Best Tampons, The Sweethome.

The trials and travails of a New Orleans public defender, The Times-Picayune.

ELLE on Earth, Observer. This is the most *eyes emoji* thing I have read in ages.

New York Times Responds To NFL’s Demand For Retraction, Unleashes The Burns, Deadspin.

23 Photos You’ll Understand If You’re A Big Ol’ Thirsty Bitch, BuzzFeed.

Texas Forced This Woman to Deliver a Stillborn Baby, The Daily Beast.

Race and the Death Penalty in Texas, The New York Times.

How Do You Decide to Have a Baby When Climate Change Is Remaking Life on Earth?, The Nation.

Get Out of My Damn Chair., Jessica Byrd on Medium.

Anne-Marie Slaughter on Raising Men Who Do Housework, New York Magazine.

My Father’s House, BuzzFeed.


This gorgeous Instagram account, You’re The Worst (which is hilarious and this article sold me on watching), and
this Tumblr.

The week ahead…

Bourbon, burritos, ballet, and a birthday celebration!

The week in review

March 27, 2016

Photos by Cassandra Monroe

Photo by Cassandra Monroe

Photos that were obviously taken by a professional: Cassandra Monroe

I’ve been elsewhere on the Web as of late! First, I was interviewed for Design*Sponge about the tools I use to get shit done, which was a big honor since, well, it’s Design*Sponge! Meanwhile, you can take a little peek at our apartment over on on Apartment Therapy. (I’m sort of embarrassed that Apartment Therapy ran this with alllll the text I sent them — I included lots of details in case they wanted to do a house tour — but alas.) Also, I believe a full tour is forthcoming!

Here’s what else I had going on this week…


Here’s How To Feel At Home In A New City After A Move


Nora Ephron: Prophet of Privacy, The Atlantic. “‘I think at the end of my mom’s life she believed that everything is not copy,’ Bernstein concludes—’that the things you want to keep are not copy, that the people you love are not copy, that what is copy is the stuff you’ve lost, the stuff you’re willing to give away, the things that have been taken from you.'” Yes.

Related: Questions, Caring, And Who Gets To Be The Default, The Toast.

The Perfect Fit, The New Yorker. New from David Sedaris!!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Is Great When You’re High, Jezebel.

People In Art Who Can Only Be Described As Wan And Bitchy, The Toast.

Founding Father: ‘Hamilton’ Star Daveed Diggs on Being in the Room Where It Happens, Observer.

An Ode to Breasts, A Cup of Jo.

32 Reasons Old People Need To Be Protected At All Costs, BuzzFeed. I giggled/cried through this entire post.

Feeling Lonely When You’re Single Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak, New York Magazine.

16 Awards Everyone In Their Late Twenties Deserves, BuzzFeed.

The Linguistic Appeal Of ‘Garbage Person,’ The Internet’s Favorite Insult, Atlas Obscura. It really is a great insult; I use it often. Also, I planning to start using “garbaege” thanks to the note in the update.

Alice Gregory on Finding a Uniform, J. Crew blog. Just another reminder that wearing a uniform is the best way to dress!

Women and minorities get punished for talking about workplace diversity, study says, Fusion.

13 Reasons Being Single Is The Best Way To Be, BuzzFeed. I love this illustrator! You can find her on Instagram here.


Underground, a new WGN America show about a group of slaves planning their escape. The first three episodes are available on their website. (Also, HI, CHRISTOPHER MELONI!!!)

How Many Snapchat Tricks Do You Know?, BuzzFeed Video. This was rather helpful!

This video. Like, over and over and over again, laughing until I cried the entire time. Please send help.


These images from a graphic novel, these shoes (like, SO MUCH), this tweet and this one, and this Tumblr post.

The week ahead…

Just stuntin’ like this pole dancing bunny.

The week in review

March 20, 2016

yoga & bacon

This week I hung out with Marie Kondo, bought some spring goodies at Flying Tiger, did one yoga session and one happy hour, got my hands (and the floor) dirty playing with plants, ate mint fro-yo and carbonara, spent too much time on Snapchat, and read a bunch of shit on the Internet. You know, the usual! Here are some other highlights…


This weekend, I read American Housewife, which my rad coworker Kaye recommended. It’s a quick read — I finished it in a couple hours — and it’s amazingly weird, dark, and funny. So many essays left me saying, “omg.” It’s a fun one that I’ll probably re-read! Definitely recommend.

Other good reading material…

Charlotte Bronte and Her Best Friend’s Broken Promise, Jezebel. I loved this article because I have been thinking a lot lately about the conversations I have with my female friends every day, and how those conversations sort of contain the entirety of our lives in a way that is beautiful and special and also crazy. Now that I’m journaling each day, I’m even more aware of how hard it is to fully capture those thoughts and events and conversations, especially when you’ve already been over them with your friends in a group chat. It makes me kind of sad to think that Also…who among us doesn’t have a collection of sad, desperate letters (emails/texts/etc.) that resemble Charlotte Bronte’s to Constantin Héger? Anyway, I read this and then texted Dallas, “If I die, you have permission to publish everything (that makes me look good).”

Hey Tech Support, America’s Loading Slow, Awesomely Luvvie. “Maybe there’s a compatibility issue with the last software installed.” Truuuuue.

Why So Many Thirtysomething Women Are Leaving Your Company, Harvard Business Review and One Weird Trick for Keeping Female Employees From Quitting, New York Magazine. Both of these were being shared by basically every woman I know this week.

I Pay My Own Wages For Housework, BuzzFeed.

The Patronizing Questions We Ask Women Who Write, New York Magazine. “We don’t ask male artists to consider the consequences of their work, we don’t reframe them as fathers or boyfriends or sons. We don’t keep trying to pull them back down to earth, to admonish them, the way we do women. We not only give them the benefit of the doubt — assuming they’ve done their own calculus as to how much is worth what, whom they’re willing to betray or embarrass or make uncomfortable and why — we operate as if their work is worth all that. There is a confidence, an assertion of self required in writing that we so often confuse with recklessness, but isn’t necessarily the same thing. I can be ruthless, daring, even ‘crazy’ in my writing and deliberate and thoughtful in the choices I make with it later; to doubt that is insulting, but I’m not surprised it makes people uncomfortable.” PRETTY MUCH.

What’s Really Behind Our Obsession Over Unmasking Elena Ferrante?, Jezebel. I love that Elena Ferrante is anonymous and every time I read about someone trying to doxx her, I get very “LEAVE ELENA ALONE.”

The Last Lifestyle Magazine, Racked. “Lifestyle magazines are treated as light fare, but they fulfill the deeper purpose of helping us define ourselves.” While I think this article definitely has some areas where I think it was a little lazy, I LOVE any exploration of what ~lifestyle media~ really means and where it fits into our culture, and this is overall just really smart and interesting.

J.K. Rowling’s History of Magic in North America Was a Travesty From Start to Finish, io9. No, but really, it is. I read it this week and it’s just…bad.

23 Of Rogelio’s Most Hilarious Quotes On “Jane The Virgin”, BuzzFeed. God, I love him!

Out Here, No One Can Hear You Scream: The dangerous culture of male entitlement and sexual hostility hiding within America’s national parks and forests., The Highline.

Inside the elite, super-secret world of L.A.’s coolest girls on Facebook, Fusion.

18 Hilarious Tweets About What Life Will Be Like Under President Trump, BuzzFeed.

Debunking the imagery of the “Irish slaves” meme, Liam Hogan on Medium.

Why You Need to Start a Sexting Group Chat With Your Best Friends TODAY, ELLE. I was super skeptical of this hed, but I thoroughly enjoyed the essay and I love the author’s voice; I added her book to my wish list after reading. I also read this essay of hers this week.

America’s Whites-Only Weed Boom, BuzzFeed. My favorite comment (not really) is the one that accuses BuzzFeed of being part of the “war on whites.” But seriously, read this article.

Abortion Wasn’t Part of My Birth Plan, Vogue.

11 Differences That Would Happen If All Men Had Periods, BuzzFeed.

‘Old but not cold’: Four very longtime friends anticipate turning 100 this year, The Washington Post. Black Girl Magic, y’all.

America Needs ‘Y’all’, The Atlantic.

25 Trump Supporters Say What Would Happen If Trump Doesn’t Win, BuzzFeed.

26 Struggles Of Being The Token Black Girl, BuzzFeed. Word.

Tactful Ways People Have Told Me That They’re in a Relationship, The New Yorker.

The Return Of The Prodigal Son, In Order Of Prodigalness, The Toast.

Emoji Feminism, The New York Times.

Actual Adult Friend Finder, The New Yorker.

36 Oral Sex Tips That Are Actually Awesome, BuzzFeed. Casey is the queen of choosing the perfect photos for her posts and this one is no exception. Also, these tips are hilarious/legit.


This poem, this spot-on parody, this pink spring coat, and Ira’s fire tweet.

The week ahead…

Just living my best life like this lil fox.

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