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July 24, 2014

Since I didn’t get any great photos at Jordan and Michael’s wedding, I wanted to share a few of the pro photos (shot by Veridical Photography). 

Jordan and Michael || Veridical Photography

Jordan and Michael || Veridical Photography

Jordan and Michael || Veridical Photography

Jordan and Michael || Veridical Photography

Jordan and Michael || Veridical Photography

Gah, they are so great together! So happy for them!

Just frocking around

July 23, 2014

While I follow a decent amount of fashion bloggers, I don’t think I’ve bought any clothes that I’ve seen on a fashion blog. And I’ve definitely never seen something on a fashion blog and bought it immediately. But when I saw this dress on Gal Meets Glam’s Instagram, I immediately tracked it down on her blog, clicked through expecting it to be approximately $189 (the going rate for cute dresses on fashion blogs), and saw it was TWENTY DOLLARS…and so even though it only came in one size (not that it was sold out in all but one size, but it was only ever made it one size???) and I already had a cute new dress for this summer, I bought it without a second thought.

Summer dress

Things I like about this dress…

The print is so pretty! It reminds me of our wedding china.

It cost $20.

It does not look like it cost $20.

Summer dress

Summer dress

Summer dress

Things I do not like about this dress…

It’s a little short. It’s not too short (shorter than my fingertips, longer than my wrists), but the silhouette of the skirt makes it feel very…breezy. I’m only 5’4″ but I felt like I needed to wear it with flats and boy shorts to feel comfortable. 

It’s damn near impossible to put on yourself. I wore it to Jordan and Michael’s rehearsal dinner and because I got ready alone, I had to do some serious gymnastics to get it zipped. The only way I could zip it myself was to put it on without a bra…so…that’s what I did. I threw my bra in my purse, figuring I’d be fine for the 30 minute walk (the fabric is quite thick and structured) and then I could just put my bra on and have Julia zip me up when I got to the restaurant. But upon my arrival, she and Jordan’s sister both agreed that I didn’t need to bother. I hate bras so this turned out to be a pro. 

Even without a bra, I wouldn’t describe the dress as super comfortable. It wasn’t a total rib-crusher—I did not have the vapors whilst wearing it—but it’s sort of like a cute pair of heels: fine for when you want to look cute at a party, but you kinda want to remove it in the second you get in the cab to head home. 

Yes, it could have used an extra half-inch everywhere, but I’m still pretty happy with it. $20 well spent.

Everything’s coming up Rosie

July 22, 2014

In a related story…Rosie’s Girls summer camp sounds awesome.

On the table: Things we should probably just leave be

July 22, 2014

leave britney alone

The theme of my day has been Leave Britney alone, where “Britney” = the following…

1. The Affordable Care Act.

2. Black parents.

So, this morning Eric and I had a little debate about a segment we saw on “The Today Show.” It focused on a new curfew that will go into effect in Baltimore next month; children under 14 will have to be inside by 9 p.m. and 14- to 17-year-olds will have to be in by 10 on school nights and 11 on weekends. Kids who are out after that time will be picked up by the cops and taken to a detention center. Parents will then have to pay a $500 fine (though it could be less) or take a family education class. (No word on whether you can take the class if it happens more than once.)

The curfew sounds mostly fine in theory (cue the “Why does a kid that young need to be out that late alone?” chorus where everyone forgets what it was like to be a teenager), and “The Today Show” poll had 97 percent of people saying they thought it was a good idea. Eric was surprised the number was so high; I responded, “Well, 97 percent of the Today Show’s audience is white.” And then he gave me this look of, “How did you get a racial issue out of that?”

Well, because I had noticed that pretty much all of the parents and children shown in the segment (even just in the B-roll) were black. And my first thought was, This sounds like a stop and frisk law for teens and tweens. Maybe some people are comfortable with cops being responsible for black kids and teenagers, but I’m sure as hell not. Eric didn’t believe me that it was only black people shown, but thanks to the magic of DVR, I was able to show him that that was the case. Still, he seemed skeptical. I said that the $500 fine just seemed like a way to punish poor and/or minority parents…which led us to discussing the recent story about Debra Harrell, the single mother who left her 9-year-old daughter in the park while she worked all day at McDonald’s. (She could not afford childcare.) A “concerned parent” called the police and Harrell was arrested for child endangerment. Oh, and Think Progress reported today that Harrell has since been fired from McDonald’s. So, great. Great job getting involved, everybody! 

3. Preserve. Unless you want to read some, um, intense prose about ice cream sundaes, skip the new lifestyle website. 

Peachy keen

July 20, 2014

After nine days away, I came home yesterday to a very tidy house, a bouquet of flowers, and two perfect peaches.


A few years ago, a contractor sent a delivery of peaches to Eric’s office as a gift. Eric has never gotten over those peaches, and how delicious they were. He didn’t know who, exactly, sent them, or where they came from, and Googling turned up nothing. (I think I may have even put out a plea on my blog at some point.) Then last week, Eric texted me: “Guess how much I love you?” and then sent me a photo of a peach (sent to his office by the same contractor) and said he loved me so much that he was waiting until I got home to eat it so he could share with me. And then on Friday, he let me know that he had managed to secure a second peach so we could each have one! What a guy.


So after like three years of build up, I finally got to taste this Platonic ideal of a peach and it definitely lived up to the hype. It was perfectly juicy and ripe and amazing. Also, trying to eat one without making a huge mess reminded me of The Essential Guide to Summer Fruit, a funny set of drawings I saw last week. 

Illustration by Hallie Bateman

Illustration by Hallie Bateman

The peaches came from McLeod Farms in South Carolina. You know how much I love gifting, so I find the idea of sending someone amazing, perfect fruit as a gift (or having some waiting for your wife when she comes home) completely delightful. Wedding Gift Ideas Perfect for Coffee Lovers

July 17, 2014

See everything included in this gift basket, plus two different variations, on!


Ugly Renaissance Babies

July 16, 2014

This Tumblr is hilarious.

Sorry for ensuring you have nightmares for the rest of the week. 



July 16, 2014

At some point last year, Eric discovered “American Ninja Warrior” and I ended up watching a bit of it with him. I wasn’t that into it—it’s a little too “fuck yeah masculinity!” for my taste, and I got annoyed when people would get out so quickly after tons of of hype—but I watched enough of it to know how badass this video of Kacy Catanzaro (a five-foot-tall, 100-pound gymnast) going through the course is. 

I just…What?! She just owns it! She barely breaks a sweat!! I NEED TO GO WORK OUT. 

Jordan & Michael’s wedding

July 15, 2014

“Don’t ever think I fell for you, or fell over you. I didn’t fall in love, I rose into it.” — Toni Morrison, ‘Jazz’

On Thursday night, I headed to Chicago for my friend Jordan’s wedding! Jordan and I have been friends since we met on our study abroad trip in 2006, and it was so wonderful to get to be there to watch him get married (and take horribly grainy iPhone photos of it all).

As I walked to the rehearsal dinner Friday, a completely perfect Chicago summer evening, I kept thinking, How can anyone hate weddings? I was just so excited for Jordan and Michael, and so happy to be part of the wedding weekend.

The morning of the (outdoor) wedding, it was pouring, and we got an email that they were switching to the rain plan pretty early in the day. The rain plan had cocktail hour before the ceremony, which was kind of different/awesome/fun. Also, the mood was very lively. To give you an idea of the tone, this was what they put on their wedding website…

We understand that for many of our guests, this will be their first same-sex wedding. We want all of our guests to feel comfortable, but this is still a wedding! Show us your best fancy outdoor summer party looks! The grooms will be wearing mis-matched sport coats and dress pants. Bright colors, animal prints, floral prints, and really any prints are highly encouraged. Have fun! It’s not every day you get to attend a gay summer wedding! And for those of you who are still stressed, please watch the advertisement below:

I kinda missed the memo about wearing animal prints, but most of the guests didn’t. There were so many fun prints (the award for best animal prints goes to Jordan’s dad, who was wearing a cheetah-print tie), and the day had a bit of a big cat theme.

The superheroes in Jordan and Michael’s boutonnieres were another cute touch.

After cocktails and appetizers, it was time for the ceremony. Both Jordan and Michael were walked down the aisle by their parents. When they had both reached the front of the aisle, the music was still playing, so they stood there holding hands and waiting. Then Jordan leaned over and whispered something to Michael and there was just something about it…I think that was the moment a lot of us started to cry. 

Jordan’s older sister did the first reading (Mararet Atwood’s “Variations on the Word Love”), and her reading was beautiful and emotional. They exchanged vows they wrote themselves. During Jordan’s, he said something to the effect of, “I promise to love the things you love…even baseball” and everyone cracked up. Then it was Michael’s turn, and I don’t think most of us realized he was going to say the same vows as Jordan. And I think we were all perfectly surprised when he said, “I promise to love the things you love…even fashion.” It was so sweet and funny (and God knows we all needed some comic relief). My other favorite moment was at the end of the ceremony when Jordan clearly thought the wedding was over, and gave the slightest lean in to kiss his groom…but their officiant wasn’t quite done yet and so Jordan kinda had to play it off until they were officially pronounced husband and husband and given permission to kiss. 

Both Jordan and Michael’s dads made really moving speeches during dinner (note: can all wedding toasts be during dinner? it’s just so efficient), and Jordan’s BFF Emma’s speech was one of my favorite wedding speeches ever. (Another note: Emma and I were chatting before the wedding and she told me she still reads my blog and had seen Eric around at the wedding. To which I replied, “But…Eric isn’t here?” We’re not sure who, exactly, this phantom husband of mine that she saw is, but she’s glad she didn’t strike up a conversation with him!) 

After dinner, we had a great dance party to Beyoncé. Like you do. 

Adorable Little Flower Girl Seeks Wedding to Be In

July 15, 2014

Photo via NBC news;

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