The best maraschino cherries

May 22, 2015

The past few times Eric has ordered an old fashioned at a bar, the maraschino cherries added for garnish have been amazing. On the last occasion, we were so moved by the delicious cherries that we started discussing making our own at home. The bartender—who was particularly nice/chatty/awesome (and also happened to be from Houston!)—overheard us and told us not to bother because she had the secret: Luxardo cherries. “You’ll buy them in a huge can that’ll cost about $100,” she told us. “But it will last you like a year.”

Luxardo cherries

We found them pretty much just as described on Amazon; the 6.6-pound can cost $77. (You can also get a 14-ounce jar for $20 on Amazon or from Williams-Sonoma.) The retro, bright yellow can is pretty huge (and, admittedly, a splurge), but the cherries apparently have a shelf life of about three years.

Luxardo cherries

Luxardo cherries don’t look like the neon red maraschino cherries I grew up eating on ice cream sundaes; they are dark red—almost black—and float in a viscous red-brown syrup that resembles a number of disgusting things. But the Luxardo cherries taste SO MUCH BETTER than the maraschino cherries I’m used to. (And I say that as someone who really loved eating the bright red maraschino cherries over the years.) I don’t like old fashioneds but I do like eating the cherries straight out of the can as a little treat, and I’m excited to try them on some different ice cream flavors this summer.

One added bonus of buying the big can is that we can now scoop cherries out into smaller jars for a perfect little housewarming/thank you/hey friend what’s up gift whenever we need it. You could also buy a big can in the winter along with a bunch of little jars, and then dole out a bunch of great $10 gifts.

Buy them here!

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Eric also recently tried these cherries recently and found them completely vile.

The week in review

May 17, 2015

This week felt like SUCH a bear and Mercury isn’t even retrograde yet. (Tomorrow—everybody gird your loins!)

I washed my clothes with Cascade pods instead of Tide pods. I spent an hour of my week dealing with Amazon customer service, trying to track down the “same day shipping” order that was delivered five days late. (And it’s a miracle it was delivered at all.) A man attacked two women in Union Square with a goddamn HAMMER. I watched the Amtrak aftermath in horror, as Eric was in D.C. when it happened, holding a ticket for that exact same train line/timetable, but for the next night. I’m still going back and forth with Petsmart about a missing shot record for Chuck even though we physically saw him get the shot two weeks ago at the other Petsmart to prevent this exact issue. I tripped over uneven concrete twice in a 20-minute period, stumbling dramatically/embarrassingly each time and hurting my toes in the process. I got super turned around on two different errands and had to backtrack way more than I should have. The weekend really couldn’t come soon enough for me.

It wasn’t all bad though! I had some work victories. I went to the press preview for the new-to-NYC store Flying Tiger, which was pretty fun and exciting. I set a new goal for myself: strength train every other day (via either a 30-minute yoga session or 30 minutes of Core Fusion), preferably in the morning…and then I did it! Three whole times! I made delicious roasted peppers and Brussels sprouts. All these things helped offset the “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” and “CAN I FUCKING LIVE?” feelings I had for so much of the week.

Here are some other highlights…


This little white dress, which I tried on on Saturday and quickly realized it was the perfect summer dress. Like, I could easily wear it every day and be all set. So for the first time in my life, I decided to buy two. It was originally $69.99 marked down to $39.99 with an additional 30 percent off. When I got to the counter it rang up $13.99 and I now I’m sort of wishing I’d gotten a third one.

Black rain boots. Finally!


Honorary Spinster, Talking Points Memo. I related to this SO MUCH.

This tiny apartment is so elegant!

Every Episode Of “Mad Men” Ranked, From Good To Perfect, BuzzFeed. I went back and watched some of the top episodes on the list this weekend (along with catching a bunch of others during AMC’s marathon)…I’m so eager to see tonight’s finale!

The Must-Read Book For Any Woman Who Doesn’t Fit the Lean-In Model, ELLE.

Breaking Baltimore’s Blue Wall of Silence, BuzzFeed. Really disheartening longread.

What Happens If We Let Fat People Be Happy?, Everyday Feminism.

I love this rad courthouse bride rocking her white suit.

The Economics of Tidying Up, The Atlantic.

Upon This Wrist, Craig Mod // Medium.

There Is Only One Direction, New York Magazine.

A Woman With Skin Cancer Posted A Graphic Selfie To Warn Against Tanning, BuzzFeed.

‘Suck Dick, Fight or Quit Doing Gay Shit': The Texas Prison Rape Problem and New Garbage Texas Bills Screw Over Women, Minors, and Gay People, Jezebel. Sigh.

Speaking of Texas, there’s a cute house for sale in Houston that costs $150.

This Engaged Couple Got To See What They Would Look Like As They Get Old, BuzzFeed.

Poor Little Rich Women, The New York Times. Might as well familiarize yourself with the term “wife bonus” now, before a dozen 2,500-word thinkpieces on the term go live this week.

And I’ve almost finished I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better: A Woman’s Guide to Coping With Life by Monica Heisey!

The week ahead…

Producing my first big original photo shoot(s) for BuzzFeed, heading to the National Stationery Show, tempting fate by trying to make red JELL-O jigglers for said photo shoot when shit clearly is not going my way lately, reading alllll the analysis on tonight’s Mad Men finale, and prepping for the long weekend and unofficial start of summer!

The best roasted bell peppers

May 14, 2015

bell peppers

Photo: Give Me Flour

Last night, I spent some time watching Mad Men and chopping up vegetables to make these amazing roasted bell peppers. My favorite way to eat them is on bread with whipped feta but last night we had them with perfect chicken, couscous, and roasted Brussels sprouts. I’m also planning to throw them in an omelet this weekend. They are just so light and summery! Definitely worth making. 

Featured: Wandeleur

May 14, 2015

I was really flattered when Emily asked me if I’d be up for being interviewed for her new venture, Wandeleur.

Rachel Wilkerson Miller

In the interview, I shared my advice for young journalists/writers, why I never work from bed, and my non-writing creative outlets. You can read all my answers and see the photos from my session with Cassandra Monroe at the BuzzFeed test kitchen here!

The week in review

May 10, 2015

This ended up being a pretty full week!

Credit: Cassandra Monroe

On Wednesday, Eric and I worked on our goal of finding a regular neighborhood bar and we had a blast (and lots of drinks). On Thursday, I was photographed for an interview that’s going up this week. On Saturday, Eric and I had brunch with my friend from college, Carly, and her husband David. It was a blast; we ended up spending nearly four hours at Dekalb Restaurant. The rest of the day was super lazy. I went through my Feedly, pinned the shit out of so many things, and then watched three episodes of Outlander. It was wonderful. Today we took the dogs to a dog park, walked to Blick for some art supplies, and then took a long-ass walk through Brooklyn and checked out some new-to-us neighborhoods.

Other highlights from the week…


24 Amazing Mothers-In-Law Who Defy Stereotypes


Secret message pills!

Floral temporary tattoos. I’ve been thinking of getting a floral tattoo for a while… I need to do a trial run!

The “milk” version of my mint green flats, which are quickly becoming my favorite shoes. I’ve been wanting something similar in a more neutral color so I was excited to see that these exist.


This week I read two books and am about halfway done with another. None of them are very good.

I received a review copy of The Memory Painter and it sounded like it was right in my wheelhouse—The Time-Traveler’s Wife is one of my all-time favorite books and I loved Inception—so I had high hopes. And…I was super disappointed by it. Everything about it was way too convenient and hard to believe, even in the context of sci-fi. (Oh, Bryan is just going to dip into a past life where he spoke the exact language he needs to know to solve this problem? Linz is a rich, world-class brain surgeon? ‘Kay.) The book really didn’t build suspense because each problem that arose was worked out like…within that chapter. There was no big reveal and the ending was super rushed/kind of petered out. I think they are positioning it as a really splashy summer novel but…ugh, hard pass.

Next I read I Take You. I requested the review copy because it had a wedding angle and the blurb compared it to Bridesmaids. But holy shit, it was so bad. First, this book clearly wants to be a movie and not a book, and I can totally see it being a (really bad) movie… like The Sweetest Thing kind of garbage. Anyway, the lead character is totally unlikable and obnoxious, her big-reveal back story was ludicrous and didn’t make her any more sympathetic, and the courtroom scenes were beyond irritating. Despite a few pointed feminist passages and graphic sex scenes (two things I welcome in my lit-rich-ure!) most of it is just ridiculous, unbelievable, and not at all compelling. I kept hoping it would get better or there would be some big payoff at the end but…nope.

Now I’m currently about halfway done with Hammer Head: The Making of a Carpenter and it’s so meh. I like the idea of this book and I like the way the author weaves in the history of certain tools but overall I’m finding it really boring. There’s no plot; it’s like an essay that’s gone on for way too long. I’m debating whether or not I should even finish it.

Beyond that, here are the articles I read this week:

The Price of Nice Nails and The New York Times and Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers. Brutal, but must-reads. Read the interview with the reporter too.

Test Lab: The Best Way to Keep Flowers Fresh, Apartment Therapy. So useful!

Anna Jarvis Was Sorry She Ever Invented Mother’s Day, BuzzFeed. Whomp whomp.

The Great Tot Crawl: A Map For Finding Tater Tots In New York City, Huffington Post. Challenge accepted!

The Little Tramp, The New Yorker. I’ve been loving Amy Schumer lately.

How Women Undermine Themselves With Words, Goop. (Yes, Goop.)

Rosemary + Ranunculus Place Setting, A Fabulous Fete. So pretty!

My edible classroom gives deprived New York kids a reason to attend school, The Guardian. Really cool.

Here’s What Happens When You Report Sexual Misconduct on the Subway, Jezebel. Spoiler alert: NOTHING fucking happens because the world is terrible. Speaking of things that are issues for us A/C folks, there’s this.

If BuzzFeed Comments Were Motivational Posters, BuzzFeed. Loved this and the comments.

Whine About It, BuzzFeed. Dying.

The week ahead…

Prepping for a BuzzFeed shoot the week of the 18th, finding a dress to wear to my sister-in-law’s wedding (happening Memorial Day weekend), and experimenting with my (gifted from a friend who got it free and didn’t want it so YAY, MY GAIN) Silhouette Portrait!

Featured: Save the Date Wedding Podcast

May 5, 2015

A few weeks ago, I chatted with the charming and funny Aleisha of the Save the Date Wedding podcast. You can listen to the first teaser episode—wherein we talked about my wedding, what it’s like to work at BuzzFeed, how to talk to your parents about your wedding budget, and whether or not I have a zombie apocalypse plan—here, and the long episode—where we talked about wedding snark, the the lack of diversity in wedding media, and BuzzFeed’s newly-launched weddings vertical(!!)—here. (You can also subscribe/download via iTunes.) Aleisha is really funny and smart and I had a great time chatting with her!

(Photo: Katherine O’Brien)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

May 4, 2015

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Since yesterday was such a beautiful day, Eric and I headed to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Unsurprisingly, pretty much everyone else in Brooklyn had the same idea.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Going on such a busy day was just one of our many rookie mistakes. We didn’t make a point to go early and we went hungry…meaning we had to wait in the cafe line for like 40 minutes to get our insanely overpriced and rather underwhelming lunch. It was also way warmer outside than we expected, so we were both overdressed. And it was just a very, very busy day at the garden, making it a less relaxing experience than I was hoping for.

ALL THAT SAID…the gardens were lovely. My favorite spots were Osborne Garden and the fragrance garden. The herb garden was pretty legit too.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I’m excited to go back before too long—the rose garden wasn’t in bloom yet, but it sounds like it should be soon!—with a better plan overall and some reading material. 

The week in review: Hello, May!

May 3, 2015

Spring was everywhere this week and it was just so lovely! So many of the houses in my neighborhood have these wonderful little gardens filled with tulips and other flowers, and the trees are blooming…the walk to work in the mornings has gotten pretty great. My week was pretty busy at work, but nothing too stressful.

On Thursday, I put on my first floral midi skirt of the season and felt so happy about it. After work, I stopped by am event with PS I Made This and Glidden and then went to dinner with my coworkers at Benihana (a much-anticipated event that was borne out of our group chat). On Friday, my coworker and I shopped for props for an upcoming shoot which was fun. Yesterday Eric and I went out and about in Manhattan all day, and today we started the day with a long but routine trip to the vet with the dogs, followed by our first trip to Brooklyn Botanic Garden!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Here are some other highlights from the week…


Crock-Pot carnitas, an old favorite.

A perfect frittata, which I made using this recipe (throwback) and basil from my basil plant.

Breakfast at Char No. 4. This was underwhelming, but wasn’t $50-for-two-people-who-didn’t-even-get-booze-good. Pretty bummed about that.

Gelato from Amorino. Eric blanked when he stepped up to the gelato counter and forgot to order the speculoos as planned, so I figured I’d just order it instead so we could try it. It turned out to be one of the best gelatos I’ve ever had. He’s still regretting his mistake.

Listening to

Episode #71 of The Lively Show. This was my first time listening to this podcast and I found the style a *little* grating…but I did enjoy this episode and the things Caroline had to say about deciding when to quit. (More thoughts on quitting.)

Episode #6 of Another Round. I forgot I was on the train with headphones in when I was listening to this and snort-laughed SO LOUDLY at one of the jokes. It’s just a really funny and awesome episode overall.


This Woman Had A Paintball Bachelorette Party And It Was Awesome

How To Make The Kentucky Derby Hat Of Your Dreams

These Graphic Photos Show How Dangerous Wedding Sparklers Can Be

21 Gender-Neutral Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

10 Life-Changing Things To Try In May


The 11 Bloody Awful Stages Of Getting Your Period, BuzzFeed.

The Words the Media Industry Prefers by Paul Ford on Medium.

DIY Mother’s Day Pancake Gift Basket, Style Me Pretty. (This would also be a great wedding gift!)

Great Moments in Peaceful Protest History, The Nib. On point.

Cruel Medical Experiments On Slaves Were Widespread In The American South, BuzzFeed. Your weekly dose of FUCKING HORRIBLE.

A Post About Haters, Hey Natalie Jean. This starts off slow and winding and then gets really good. “Now, I don’t like to let people down, just like I don’t like to be around people who can’t deal with their own emotions and be kind to others anyway. But I want to let all those out there for whom I’ve proved a disappointment to know this: My failure does not make your cruelty okay.”

My summer hair inspiration.

Chipotle Has Revealed Its Guacamole Recipe, BuzzFeed. Making this tonight!

6 Ways To Save Money As A DIY Blogger, The Nectar Collective.

Clinic Escort Stories: “I Help Men as a Clinic Escort Too,” A is For.

How Exactly Do You Teach Femininity?, New York Magazine. This is just so good.

Dan Savage Presents His Manifesto For Straight Guys Attending Pride, New Now Next.

Nonviolence as Compliance, The Atlantic.

Shopping at Anthropologie with Marie Kondo, The New Yorker. Yo, I hope if I’m ever an international best-selling author, all major profiles of me will be as hung up on my dress size as this one.

I also finished reading The Real Thing: Lessons on Love and Life from a Wedding Reporter’s Notebook. I got a review copy at work; it started off a little eh for me, but I ended up getting more into it and really enjoyed a lot of the love stories in it. This afternoon, I started The Memory Painter (also thanks to a review copy) which is supposed to be pretty great.

The week ahead…

I’ll be working on a shoot, getting photographed myself, going to an event, and having a brunch double date outing this weekend. Oh, and finally getting my NYC ID; I made the appointment like two months ago and it felt so far away at the time. I’m so excited it’s finally here and I’m pumped for all the museum perks!

The week in review

April 26, 2015

This week was a good one and it went by so quickly!

Mexicue cocktail

A couple weeks ago, my friend Carly, who works for Mexicue corporate, asked me if I could bring people to fill chairs at the “friends and family night” for their new location on 5th Avenue. Um, enjoying free food and booze while helping their servers get the hang of things? NO PROB. I showed up with Eric and 15 or so of my coworkers. The drinks and appetizers were great (though the entrees were all really spicy) and the new location is really nice inside. It was just a fun night out with people I like!

Other highlights from the week…


35 Amazing Six-Word Love Stories

Christian Louboutin Is Adding New Shades Of “Nude”

I also got to play with an Apple watch (!!) when I lent my wrist to this post!

Entertained by

How To Pleasure Your Man In 11 Easy Steps, BuzzFeed. This is amazing.

The Secret To Perfect Weed Butter, Adequate Man // Deadspin. Just in case you weren’t sure what to do with that mini Crock Pot of yours. 

An Oral History Of ‘Mad Men’, Clickhole. Discovered this gem in our office chat channel that’s called “Why I’m LOLing.”

The Secret to Staying Friends in Your 30s, New York Magazine. I’m alllll about “errand friends.”

Amy Schumer Flawlessly Parodies Friday Night Lights to Skewer Rape Culture, Vulture. Nailed it.

How to seem smart in meetings without really trying, The Washington Post. So good.

Till Death Do Us Part, The Post and Courier. A Pulitzer-prize winning piece on domestic violence in South Carolina.

Outlander’s Ron Moore & Terry Dresbach on Tartans, Redcoats and KNITS, Jezebel. A fun read for fans of the show.

In the midst of everyone freaking the fuck out about Lilly Pulitzer, I really enjoyed this 2003 Vanity Fair profile on her, as well as this essay by Lisa Birnbach about why, exactly, everyone is freaking the fuck out.

Why I Got Rid of My Wardrobe, Dallas Mom Blog. Saw this all over Facebook last week; I love how confident she is now!

How To Get Rid Of Clutter And Live Abundantly, The Toast. “If you have ever used a lotion, even once, get rid of it. Messy applicator tips are preventing you from practicing forgiveness. From now on, the only lotion you need is total acceptance of life on life’s terms, and also a bottle of argan oil you have made yourself (you can produce argan oil by letting go of anger).”

How Living With and Loving Bruce Jenner Changed My Life Forever, The Huffington Post. Linda Thompson writes about her marriage to Bruce Jenner and living with his secret with so much grace and honesty. (Using “his” per GLAAD’s recommendations.)

An Article About Black Women Shouldn’t Have To Come With A Warning Label, BuzzFeed. Right in the feels, over and over again.

Obama’s Anger Translator at the 2015 Correspondents’ Dinner. Hilarious.

19 Faces Everyone Who Has Had Sex With A Penis Will Recognize, BuzzFeed. I feel totally comfortable calling this a “must-read.”

This list of bird group names is maybe the most fascinating thing I read this week.

I also started reading Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not to Have Kids; I’m about 70 percent done and it’s good! Some essays feel a little repetitive, but it’s good.

The week ahead…

The usual! Work, working out, trying to eat healthy, and trying to keep my plants alive.

My spring uniform

April 22, 2015

I’ve been having a bunch of conversations with different friends and coworkers about creating a uniform (plus a recent Harper’s Bazaar article on the topic has been all over my social feeds), so I wanted to share my current uniform. On pretty much any given day, you can find me wearing some combination of these items:

Spring uniform

Though I had my winter uniform down, a couple of weeks ago, I realized that my spring uniform needed some help. (We’ve been having some very strange days lately, both weather-wise [cool in the morning, warmish in the afternoon] and office-temperature-wise [ALWAYS FUCKING FREEZING].) I was also coming up short on shoes. So I did some shopping and now I’m in good shape for spring, plus I got a bunch of items that I’ll wear for the rest of the year.

Below is a list of everything in my wardrobe that makes up my current uniform. The items I bought this month are marked with an asterisk and I included the rough purchase dates for everything else. I also included the price when I got an item at a significant discount.


One ankle-length pair of white skinny high-waist jeans* to wear with flats & sneakers ($9.99 on sale at H & M)

One pair of white straight-leg jeans to wear with heels (from Joe’s via Saks Off Fifth, 2013)

One ankle-length pair of dark blue jeans (~$25 on sale, J. Crew outlet, fall 2014)

One pair of straight-leg dark blue jeans* from Uniqlo

Three pairs of black Lululemon leggings (all gifts/gift card purchases between 2012 and 2014)

(I also have a white midi skirt, a radiant orchid midi skirt, and some dresses, but it hasn’t been warm enough to wear them yet so they really aren’t part of my spring uniform.)


Two white Oxfords* ($15 on sale)

One blue Oxford* ($15 on sale)

Ivory cable-knit crew-neck sweater (Polo outlet, summer 2013)

Chambray button-front shirt (Polo outlet, summer 2012)

Two white sweatshirts* ($15 each on sale)

One navy blue sweatshirt* ($15 on sale)

One pink H&M sweatshirt* ($9.95 find)

Gray sweatshirt ($14 clearance find at Gap, fall 2014)

Ivory sweatshirt* from Muji

Ivory track jacket (Lululemon gift card purchase, early 2013)

Mint green track jacket (Lululemon gift card purchase, early 2014)

A few built-in bra tanks to wear under the track jackets

Looking at this list, it seems like I have way more clothes than I’ve had in the past few years, but I guess that’s what happens when you no longer work from home or can do laundry at home! This is also the first time I’ve bought the things I really like in multiples.


Black and leopard New Balances

Mint green Coach Frederica loafers* ($60 with in-store markdowns)

Gray BCBGgeneration snakeskin pumps* (After I tried to wear my wedding heels last week and was just like, What fresh hell is this? Seriously, I’m not sure how I ever walked in those which is a major bummer because they are so beautiful, and also because I intended to wear them to death.)

Gray wedge sneakers from ASH via Saks Off Fifth (I never thought I’d love these shoes as much as I do, but I LOVE them. I wore them a ton this winter.)

Accessories & outerwear

Black fanny pack ($20 at C. Wonder going-out-of-business sale, winter 2014)

Black Longchamp tote bag (2008)

Neon yellow Kate Spade tote/beach bag ($20 at the Kate Spade outlet, summer 2013)

Khaki trench coat (Express, 2008ish)

Black sporty rain coat (Target, 2012)

I can’t say that either of the jackets spark joy but they function so I decided not to spend the money to replace them this year.


Engagement ring

Gold Sydney Evan “love” ring (pre-wedding gift from my coworkers)

Gold midi ring* ($20, Chelsea Market)

Gold flower earrings (belonged to my great-grandmother) or similar small gold earrings

Gold “Best Bitch” heart necklace* from In God We Trust (received in an event gift bag last month)

Things I still need…

Something to replace the gray snakeskin flats I’ve been wearing for nearly seven years. Props to Tory Burch, because I’ve been wearing these shoes since my mom bought them for me when I got my first post-college job in the summer of 2008. They’ve served me well but the soles are a little too worn down to be comfortable anymore and holes are beginning to appear in the toes. I’m trying to find something as versatile and comfortable without buying the exact same shoe. (I’m ready for something a little different in terms of silhouette, and I’m not crazy about the gold logo on the new version.)

Black rain boots. I have a pair of red J. Crew rain boots that I’ve had since 2006 and just never really loved. While I love the look of Hunters, I’m planning to get this $45 pair from DSW. I’ve just been putting off buying them because I don’t feel like lugging them home on the train, which is kind of silly.

So! I’m pretty much always wearing one of the following outfits:

Ivory top + white jeans + wedges, pumps, or loafers
Light blue Oxford or chambray shirt + white jeans or blue jeans + wedges or pumps
Navy or gray sweatshirt + white jeans + wedges
White or ivory top + blue jeans + gray wedge sneakers, snakeskin pumps, mint loafers, or black sneakers
Track jacket + black leggings + black sneakers

Plus all the jewelry mentioned above, my fanny pack, a jacket, and (a couple days a week) a tote bag.

(My winter uniform was really similar, but included navy blue corduroy pants and medium blue jeans instead of dark blue jeans, pastel and ivory sweaters instead of the sweatshirts, snow boots instead of sneakers, a faux-fur vest, a couple plaid blanket scarves, and no button-front shirts.)

Wearing a uniform was borne out of necessity (a few years ago, I realized I needed to stop spending money on things I didn’t really need and that included new clothes, especially new clothes I didn’t really love) and also getting older and wanting to buy nicer clothes that I would take good care of and wear for a while. (In my case this just meant like, nicer than Forever 21 and Target.) The uniform approach makes shopping much easier because I always know what I’m looking for and what I’m definitely not looking for. It simplifies getting dressed in the morning and makes doing laundry easier.

I feel like taking the uniform approach is similar to when I went from fucking around with a bunch of meh dudes to realizing I’d rather be with someone awesome (or just be alone and awesome). I no longer fuck around with meh clothes. The best part of taking this approach is how good it makes me feel to be wearing something I really love every single day. We all have our “power outfits” (or accessories) that make us feel great. Why not just make that the thing you wear every day?

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